Hi everyone, I have a question about lyrica.I was prescribed this drug yesterday by my doctor,because of my sciatica problem due to a disc protrusion in my low back.
My Family MD told me to try taking at night first before bed to see how it goes, then try to take it twice a day,once in the morning and once at night again.She prescribed 50 mg per pill.
Anyways I took 1 pill of crappy drug yesterday around 3 pm,because the sciatica was bothering me,so I figured why not give it a shot now.
Then the effects kicked in and I felt really tired and weak, but my sciatica was pretty much gone.
I also noticed I would get some anxiety and I would slur my speech at times.I went to bad yesterday night and ended up having awful vivid nightmares.
When I woke up in the morning,I felt kind of groggy,dizzy and weak.
While lying in the coach the first half of the day,I noticed when I would get off the couch,that blood would rush to my head and I would get dizzy and my vision would get kind of hazy.The same feeling you get when you get up to fast.
Except I wasn’t getting up too fast.
I also had the feeling of being sort of off balance throughout the day.So I decided I would not take another dose of this drug.
Bed time came again,and I can’t sleep at all. I have anxiety,I feel kind of lightheaded,sort of dizzy in a sense and some ringing in my right ear.It’s 1:50 am as I’m writing this.
I did pop a 500 mg naproxen for my sciatica around 11 pm,but this never gave me anxiety,just the occasional heart palpitations and stomach cramps.
My question is,what is going on with me?
Is the lyrica I took yesterday doing this to me? I just took one 50 mg pill and decided not to take it after, and I am experiencing all these annoying side effects.
Is it possible to have these side effects from one pill after I stopped taking it?
Anyone have any ideas?
I am real worried right now, and I don’t want to keep feeling this way.
Please help.