... certain cells produced in the body that determine the type of diabetes a person has ?

3. How can diabetes be prevented besides taking insulin are there any other ways ?

4. How can stress cause diabetes in which ways can a person become unstressed ?

5 Why hasn't the government / doctors came up with any medications used to prevent diabetes besides insulin ?

6. There are different types of diabetes which one is more commonly found in African Americans ?

7. what type of infection can type 2 diabetes cause ? and will body be able to fight off that infection ?

8. How common is it for a person overweight not to have diabetes ? what are ratio statistics ?
for example: for every two people over weight every sixth person will not have diabetes

9. Why is it most common that type 2 diabetes can be found in African Americans ?

10. are there any types of special medications type 2 diabetics have to take and can these medications prevent a person from having type 2 diabetes later in life ?

11. What areas of the brain are effected by a person living with type 2 diabetes ?