Bad allergic reaction to hay during a going away party. Throat tight so took the first one. 20 minutes later my friend a doctor) told me to take another so I did. On the way home, which was just a couple of minutes after taking that second one, I vomited and don't know if I lost most of that second pill. Throat still feels tight but somewhat better. It has now been about a hour since I had taken that one. Is it safe for me to take a third? They were 25mg. ea. I do take Alprazolm prn when anxiety kicks in. Have not had any in about 3 days. I also take Atenolol for hypertension and also have allergy induced asthma. I have in the past been told that I can take Benadryl every 15 min. but I don't remember how many of them in a row I can do.