Hi there,

I have been taking the BC pill Alesse 28 for a year and a half. I rarely ever take my pill late. Always take it on time at night everyday. One night I was very tired and unfortunately the pill slipped my mind and I forgot to take it. I remembered the following day and took the pill approx 20 hours late. I also took the pill that I was supposed to take that day - which means I took 2 pills in 1 day. This happened during the first week of the pack.

Fast forward 3 weeks later and I haven't gotten my period. I used a condom for a week following the missed pill accident as an extra precaution and back up method in conjunction with my daily pills. However I am now 8 days late. I have cramp pains sporadically. I am also feeling kind of dizzy and nauseous.

Could I be pregnant? What is the issue? Could 1 late pill result in pregnancy even though I've never been late before or missed a day. Someone please help!