2. Are osmotic diuretics used for the treatment of hypertension?
3. Oral hypoglycemic agents such as metformine and glibenclamide are administered best
a) Before meal in the morning
b) Before meal at mid day
c) Before meal in the evening
d) After meal in the morning
e) After meal at mid day
f) After meal in the evening
4 More than 3 inhalations of salbutamole should not be required with in 24hr. why?
5 We don’t undertake strenuous exercise while taking Norfloxacin. Why?
6 Is there an interaction between co-artem and
• Amitriptillin
• Imipramin
• Metoprolol
• Clomipramin
If there is, is it harmful or useful interaction?
7 How does amitriptillin used for diabetic neuropaty?
8 What is the difference between omeprazole and cimetidin, omeprazole and antiacid, cimetidin and antiacid with respect to their clinical indication?