Started on 10mg Celexa 04/09. Within 3 weeks had disabling tightness in feet, achilles tendons and calves late afternoon through bedtime. Doctor suggested eating bananas which i DID NOT DO. After 4 months, the tightness in legs slowly began to disappear ... however, within 2 weeks the pain was now in shoulders and arms to the extent I could not put on a sweater or fasten a back-hooked bra. Saw my doctor in January and we increase my doseage to 20mg which I absolutely love. After speaking to him about the muscle tightness, pain and fatigue, he reminded me about the bananas. I bought a bunch and ate one. It took about 4 or 5 hours to notice about 80% relief. It has been one month now and I eat one half of a banana in the morning upon rising and the other half before bed. It is truly a miracle. I would say 95 to 99% relief. Truly hope this information can benefit someone else with this horribly limiting and painful side effect.