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If I take a 1.0 mg Klonopin will it help me get sleep?

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jiruss 3 Dec 2017

Yes, it will Silvastreet. Only if you have not developed a tolerance to Klonopin at all, then 1.0 mg will help you get to sleep. Klonopin is a Benzodiazepine of which there are many. They are in a class of medication called Sedative-Hypnotics. There are a few Benzos specifically designed for sleep such as Halcion & Rohypnol, the latter is not legal if you're in the USA. I always recommend before simply trying out a medication for a symptom it is not prescribed to you for, to please speak with your practitioner first. I do know individuals that are prescribed Klonopin for help with a good night sleep. I hope this helps you Silvastreet. xx free discount card

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