Hi all, I've found lots of similar posts about people weening themselves off clonazepam, and am checking as I emailed my doctor saying that I've developed a sleeping reliance on it, and he sent me a panicking email back to come in immediately, and don't stop taking it!!

I was prescribed it a year ago for a one month period after a bout of anxiety, and as I've always had sleeping issues, quickly worked out that half a 1mg pill per night made me sleep like a baby. I recently ran out of the original prescription, and had a lot of trouble sleeping, but also low mood for about 5 days, at which point I gave up and went back to the doctor. Now, I'm in the UK, we trust private doctors less than yours as most people will stick with the free ones. He's trying to get me back in to substitute this pill, am I right to trust him or can I just get off this without any long term effects? I can handle a week of bad sleep and it is only 0.5 per night!