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I was on 0.15mg of upped to 125 mcg. How many 0.15 do I take to get 125?

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Piggaboo 18 Sep 2017

Hi burnabyred,
Your Dr actually reduced your dosage. .15 mg = 150 mcgs. So you should set the .15mg aside in case he needs to readjust your dosage in the future. I have : 125, 150 and 175 mcg pills here, as every once in a while my labs change and so does my dosage. I always take it as a good sign when your dose is reduced, as I take it that your body is 'leveling out', and no problems requiring a higher dose. And one plus to thyroid meds is that they are among the cheapest medications out there (along with allopurinol for gout). I hope that I have been of assistance.

burnabyred 18 Sep 2017

Hi Piggaboo

thanks! puts my mind at ease! free discount card

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