OtiCare-P Ear Powder

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Oticare-p Ear Powder

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Manufacturer: ARC

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OtiCare-P Ear Powder Indications

For use to help keep the ears dry and reduce ear odors in dogs and cats.

Also used to help remove hair from the ear canal of dogs.

OtiCare-P Ear Powder Dosage And Administration

First clean the ears with a suitable ear cleaning lotion. Next puff OTICARE®-P Ear Powder into the ear canal.

To help remove hair from the ear canal of dogs: With electric clippers or scissors remove the excess hair that surrounds the opening of the ear canal. Puff OTICARE®-P Ear Powder into the ear. With forceps or tweezers, remove any hair growing in the ear canal.


6 g container.

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