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Manufacturer: Alpha Tech Pet

For Pet Messes Anywhere


Odor Counteractant and Cleaner

For all Pet Messes and other Odor-Producing Areas

Carpet and Floor Stain Remover


Black Cherry Fragrance

OdorPet® is a bio-active enzyme-based odor counteractant and cleaner. This patent pending formulation acts within minutes to eliminate odors through its powerful odor counteractant, and continues working as its intelligent bio-active stabilized bacterial spores produce just the right amount of odor eating enzymes to clean and remove the cause of odors and provide long term control. This environmentally safe process works by producing fat and starch-splitting enzymes that work on organic debris, reducing it to an odor freesolution of CO2 and water.

Many Uses - OdorPet® is effective in the removal of protein, blood, mucus, vomitus, feces and urine from cages, runs, floors, drains, waste receptacles and other odor producing areas in animal accommodations. OdorPet® is ideal for use on concrete surfaces, grout, tile, plastic, stainless and galvanized steel and other surfaces where cleaning is difficult to manage. It is especially effective in cat liter boxes and Tom Cat spray, to clean bird urates, including bird cages and droppings, and can also be used as a stain remover on clothing, carpeting and household furnishings.

Guaranteed or your money back.

Safe - OdorPet® is totally harmless to humans and animals, and is safe for use around any household furnishings. OdorPet® is totally organic with no deleterious ingredients, has a near neutral pH, and is biodegradable.

Directions For Use - Shake well before using.

Ready-to-Use - For heavily soiled areas apply solution and allow to air dry over a 4 hour period.

Concentrate - OdorPet® works best when allowed to work uninterrupted in a moist environment. For cages and other animal accommodations use 1 part OdorPet® to 4 parts lukewarm water around (170 degrees). For optimal use on heavily soiled areas apply solution and allow to air dry over a 4 hour period prior to disinfecting. May also be used following disinfection to provide long term odor control - simply apply and allow to air dry. For vomitus, urine, Tom Cat spray, cat litter, room deodorizing, and stain removal, a more concentrated solution as needed may be used to dissipate odors immediately, breaking down offending odor producing substrates to CO2 and water.

Repeat as needed. The use of ammonia or vinegar prior to using OdorPet® will greatly diminish its effectiveness.

Important Note - OdorPet® is not a sterilant or disinfectant and is intended to be used as a supplement to the normal cleaning and disinfection routine of Animal Care Facilities. OdorPet® may be used as often as needed to control stains and odors associated with organic debris. For normal cleaning and disinfection of Animal Care Facilities we highly recommend the use of KennelSol® Disinfectant on a daily basis, and Alpha Bio-Drain™ for drain maintenance.

Caution - Keep out of reach of children. If ingested, induce vomiting. If splashed into eyes, rinse with cold water.

Alpha Tech Pet, Inc., Littleton, Massachusetts 01460


4 oz.


24 oz. (0.710 Litres)


1/2 gallon


2 1/2 gallons


5 gallons


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Order Desk:   800-222-5537
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