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This page contains information on Liqui-Prin for veterinary use.
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This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: First Priority

Priority Care® 1

Antipyretic and Analgesic

Liquid Concentrate for Drinking Water Solutions


Active Ingredients

Each quart (32 fl oz) contains:


Sodium Salicylate (14,375 mg per oz)


Acetic Acid, Disodium Salt of 6-Hydroxy-5-[(2-Methoxy-5-Methyl-4-Sulfophenyl)Azo]-2-Naphthalenesulfonic Acid, Ethyl Heptonate, Ethyl Lactate, Propylene Glycol, Strawberry Aldehyde, Water.


Not for human use.


Keep container tightly closed. Store at room temperature. Protect from temperature extremes.

Liqui-Prin Indications

For use in the drinking water of poultry and swine as an aid in reducing fever and as a mild analgesic.

Directions For Use

Mix 0.3 oz of Liqui-Prin™ for each 1000 lbs body weight to be treated in a sufficient amount of drinking water to be consumed in each 8-12 hour period. This can ordinarily be accomplished in poultry and swine by mixing 8 oz into each gallon of stock solution, and metering at 1 oz stock per gallon of drinking water. Prepare fresh solutions daily. Repeat as necessary.

Liqui-Prin Caution

Not for use in cats or dogs.

Priority Care is a registered trademark of First Priority, Inc.

For Animal Use Only

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

Manufactured By: FIRST PRIORITY, INC., Elgin, IL 60123-1146

Net Contents:


Reorder No.


32 fl oz (960 mL)



Rev. 09-05

Nac No.


1590 TODD FARM DRIVE, ELGIN, IL, 60123-1146
Telephone:   847-289-1600
Order Desk:   800-650-4899
Fax:   847-289-1223
Website:   www.prioritycare.com
Email:   custsvc@prioritycare.com
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