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L-S 20 Premix

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Zoetis

(lincomycin hydrochloride, spectinomycin sulfate premix - mfr. std.)

DIN 00813907

For Veterinary Use Only

For the prevention of swine dysentery (vibrionic dysentery, bloody scours) in growing swine up to 57 kg of body weight.

Directions For Use

For the prevention of swine dysentery, complete feeds containing 44 grams of antibiotic activity per tonne should be fed to growing swine up to a weight of 57 kg. L-S 20 premix should be mixed with feed before use.

Mixing Directions

For Making Medicated Complete Feeds: Add 1 kg of L-S 20 premix per tonne of complete feed. The resulting medicated complete feed will contain 44 grams of antibiotic activity per metric tonne. This should be fed as the sole ration to growing swine up to a weight of 57 kg.

Examples for Making Medicated Supplements

To make Medicated Supplements containing the following amounts of Antibiotic Activity

Add the following kg of L-S 20 premix to make one metric tonne of Medicated Supplements

kg Medicated Supplement

Example Mixing Directions for Making Medicated Complete Feeds From Medicated Supplements.
*(To Make a One Tonne Batch Containing 44 Grams of Antibiotic Activity)
kg of Grain or Grain and Non-Medicated Supplement

175 grams/tonne

4 kg

250 kg

750 kg

200 grams/tonne

4.5 kg

225 kg

775 kg

220 grams/tonne

5 kg

200 kg

800 kg

330 grams/tonne

7.5 kg

150 kg

850 kg

440 grams/tonne

10 kg

100 kg

900 kg

880 grams/tonne

20 kg

50 kg

950 kg

1760 grams/tonne

40 kg

25 kg

975 kg

* The resultant medicated complete feed containing 44 grams of antibiotic activity per metric tonne should be fed as the sole ration to growing swine up to a weight of 57 kg.

WARNING: Treated swine must not be slaughtered for use in food for at least 24 hours after the latest treatment with this drug.

L-S 20 Premix Caution

1. Do not allow rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, dairy cattle or other ruminants access to feeds containing lincomycin. Ingestion by these species may result in severe gastrointestinal effects or metabolic disorders (i.e. Ketosis in dairy cattle).

2. Good manufacturing practices should be observed in preparing feeds containing this premix. This includes appropriate clean-out procedures to avoid cross contamination.

3. Only for use in growing swine up to 57 kg body weight.

4. Treated pigs may develop some stool softening or mild diarrhea within 36 hours of treatment initiation. Signs of mild irritation and swelling of the anus and/or vulva may be associated with the stool changes. These side effects are transient and self correcting by the fifth to seventh day of treatment. Should these reactions be more severe than described above discontinue the use of the drug.

5. Feed only to swine intended for slaughter.

Medicinal Ingredients

Each kg contains:

Lincomycin base (as lincomycin hydrochloride)

22 g

Spectinomycin base (as spectinomycin sulfate)

22 g

1 kg = 2.2 lb = 1000 grams


Store in a dry place to prevent caking.

Pfizer Animal Health, Pfizer Canada Inc., Kirkland QC H9J 2M5

®Registered trademark of Pharmacia & Upjohn Company; Pfizer Canada Inc., licencee


Net Contents:


25 kg


NAC No.: 11982962

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Technical Services Canada:   800-461-0917
Technical Services USA:   800-366-5288
Website:   www.zoetis.ca
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