J-5 Escherichia Coli Bacterin

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J-5 Escherichia Coli Bacterin

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Hygieia

J-5 Escherichia coli Bacterin, in Freund’s Incomplete Adjuvant

CA Vet. Biol. Lic. No.: 86

Contents: This product contains the antigen listed above.

J-5 Escherichia Coli Bacterin Indications

J-5 E. coli bacterin is intended for use in conjunction with appropriate management practices to help prevent coliform mastitis in healthy bovine, caprine and porcine species.

Dosage and Administration

Recommended dose, route, and regimen are as follows:

Cows: 5.0 cc SQ in neck at 7 and 8 months gestation, and postparturient.

Does: 2.0 cc SQ in neck at 3 and 4 months gestation, and postparturient.

Sows: 2.0 cc IM under ear at breeding, 2 months gestation, and postparturient.

Precaution(s): Keep refrigerated at 35-45°F. Shake well before using.

Entire contents of this bottle should be used when first opened.

Caution(s): Do not use in septic, toxemic or mastitic animals. Administration should be under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Occasionally, anaphylactic or other adverse reactions may occur. If adverse reactions occur, appropriate therapy with epinephrine or other antianaphylactic drugs should be instituted immediately.

Any adverse reactions following vaccination should be immediately reported to the manufacturer.

Warning(s): Do not vaccinate within 42 days of slaughter.

This product contains oil adjuvant. In the event of accidental self injection, seek medical attention immediately.

Presentation: 20 dose (100 mL) and 50 dose (250 mL) bottles.

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