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This page contains information on Greenlyte for veterinary use.
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This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Bimeda

Guaranteed Analysis:

Calcium (Ca) not less than


Calcium (Ca) not more than


Phosphorus (P) not less than


Salt (NaCl) not less than


Salt (NaCl) not more than


Sodium (Na) not lass than


Potassium (K) not less than


Magnesium (Mg) not less than


Sulfur (S) not less than


Zinc (Zn) not less than


Methionine not less than


Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis - not less than 9.9 billion CFU units per kilo (45 billion CFU units per pound).

Ingredients: Potassium chloride, salt, citric acid, calcium lactate, magnesium gluconate, monosodium phosphate, zinc methionine, dextrose, sodium bicarbonate, dried bacillus subtilis fermentation product, dried bacillus licheniformis fermentation product, natural and artificial flavors, artificial colors.

Greenlyte Indications

A supplemental source of buffered, soluble mineral electrolytes and acidifiers to be added to the drinking water or feed. For use in beef cattle, dairy cattle, veal calves, sheep, swine, horses, poultry, ostriches, emus, and rheas.

Directions For Use

Beef, Dairy and Adult Sheep: *Use 1 pound per 128 gallons of drinking water. *Use 1 pound per gallon of stock solution; use 2 ounces stock solutions per gallon drinking water. *Use 6 pounds per ton of feed.

Veal, Replacement Calves & Lambs: *Use 1 pound per 128 gallons of drinking water. *Use 1 tsp. per gallon of water, milk or milk replacer. *Use 1 ounce per quart of water per 25 pounds of body weight for drenching solution. *Use 6 pounds per ton of feed.

Swine: *Use 1 pound per 128 gallons of drinking water. *Use 1 pound per gallon of stock solution and use 1 ounce per gallon of drinking water. *Use 6 pounds per ton of feed.

Equine (Horse, Foals and Colts): *Use 1 pound per 50 to 100 gallons of drinking water *Use 1-2 ounces per 10 gallons of drinking water per day. *Use 1 ounce top dressing in a grain ration for mature horses; 1/2 ounce for foals and colts.

Poultry & Ratites (Ostrich, Emu & Rhea): *Use 1 pound per 256 gallons of drinking water. *Use 1/2 pound per 1 gallon of stock solution and use 1 ounce stock solution per gallon of water. *Use 2 pounds per ton of feed.

Companion and Fur-bearing animals: Use 1 tbsp. per gallon of drinking water.

There are 2 1/2 level tablespoons per ounce.

Caution(s): For animal use only.

Keep out of reach of children.

GREENLYTE® is a registered trademark of Ameri-Pac Inc.

Presentation: 1 lb., 3 lb. and 25 lb.

NAC No.: 13990190

Div. Cross Vetpharm Group, Ltd.

Telephone:   630-928-0361
Fax:   630-928-0362
Website:   www.bimedaus.com
Email:   sales@bimedaus.com
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