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FryVacc 1 (Canada)

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FryVacc 1

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Novartis (Aqua Health)

Flavobacterium Columnare Bacterin

For Veterinary Use Only

For the vaccination of healthy salmonids against Columnaris Disease by mucoid strains of Flavobacterium columnare (Flexibacter columnaris).

FryVacc 1 contains only formalin inactivated cultures of Flavobacterium columnare (Flexibacter columnaris).

No other preservative is used.

Vaccination Program

Vaccination should precede exposure of vaccinates to the disease agent by 250 degree-days (number of days multiplied by the mean water temperature (°C) during period). The bacterin is recommended for immunization of salmonids that are 3 grams or more in size.

Method Of Administration

Immersion Delivery

For immersion delivery, dilute entire contents of this container with 9 litres of clean hatchery water. Measure diluted bacterin in a suitable plastic container. Add fish to attain a density of 500 g per litre of diluted bacterin. Expose fish for 30 seconds then drain bacterin from fish. Return fish to holding facility. Repeat until a total of 20 groups have been vaccinated in this manner.


1. Shake well before using.

2. Store between 2 - 7°C (35 - 45°F). DO NOT FREEZE.

3. Use entire contents when first opened.

4. Vaccinate healthy fish only.

5. Do not vaccinate within 21 days of slaughter.

6. The vaccinal solution should be within 2°C of the ambient water temperature.

7. After 20 groups have been immersed, the diluted bacterin should be disposed of according to local waste disposal regulations and/or requirements.

Manufacturer: NOVARTIS ANIMAL HEALTH CANADA Inc., Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada (Can. Vet. Biol. Estab. Lic. No. 40)

1000 mL


NAC No.: 12350014

(Aqua Health Business)

Telephone:   1-902-367-7323
Customer Service:   1-877-544-4966
Sales and Technical Information:   1-800-387-6325
Fax:   902-370-3208
Email:   tanya.knudson@novartis.com
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