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Equi-Phar Vita Plex Oral Honey

This page contains information on Equi-Phar Vita Plex Oral Honey for veterinary use.
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Equi-Phar Vita Plex Oral Honey

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Vedco

Ingredient(s): Each fluid ounce contains:


10.0 mcg

Pyridoxine HCl

5.0 mg


8.0 mg

Thiamine HCl

50.0 mg


100.0 mg

Folic Acid

30.0 mg


10.0 mg

Ferrous Sulfate - 7H2O

334.0 mg

Citric Acid


Cobalt Sulfate - H2O

1.0 mg

Copper Sulfate

1.7 mg

Sorbitol Solution

10.0% v/v

Compounded with pure honey, apple flavor and preservatives.

Equi-Phar Vita Plex Oral Honey Indications

For use as a nutritional supplement for the debilitated horse, competitive horse, pregnant mare, stallion in service or growing foal.

Dosage and Administration

Add to daily rations at following dosage: Horses racing and stallions in service, 2 ounces daily. Yearlings and orphan colts, 1 ounce daily. Foal, 1/2 ounce daily. Debilitated horses, 3 ounces daily for 15 days, then reduce to 1 ounce daily. Mares in foal, 1 ounce daily for first 6 months, then increase to 2 ounces daily to term.

Precaution(s): Keep container tightly closed and protect from light.

Warning(s): For animal use only.

Presentation: 1 gallon.

NAC No.: 10940930

Telephone:   816-238-8840
Toll-Free:   888-708-3326 (888-70VEDCO)
Fax:   816-238-1837
Website:   www.vedco.com
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