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EmPower Foam

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Metrex

foaming enzymatic spray

Prevents soils from drying onto instruments and equipment for easier, faster pre-cleaning.

- Dual enzymatic cleaner

- Ready-to-use

- Reduces transport load

- Reduces exposure to soils due to splashing

- Neutral pH formula that provides advanced corrosion protection and is safe for rubber, plastic, stainless steel, carbon steel and soft metals.

IMPORTANT: Store in a cool place.

Directions For Use

For best results, spray EmPower Foam™ onto instruments/equipment immediately after use. No diluting necessary.

1. Hold sprayer 6-8 inches from soiled instruments/equipment. Spray EmPower Foam evenly and directly onto instruments/equipment to ensure soils are completely coated.

2. Allow instruments/equipment to soak in EmPower Foam. Re-apply as needed to keep instruments moist.

3. Rinse instruments/equipment before further processing.


Protective eye gear, gloves and clothing MUST BE WORN, especially where exposure to blood and body fluid is expected. If accidental eye contact with EmPower Foam occurs, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention. Temporary redness of the eye may occur.

Storage And Disposal


Keep in a cool area.

Solution Disposal: Flush thoroughly with large quantities of water into sewage disposal system in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Container Disposal: Do not reuse empty container. Wrap container and put in trash.

Note: EmPower Foam is not a sterilant/disinfectant.

For product or technical information contact Metrex at 800-841-1428 or visit our web site at www.metrex.com.

METREX® RESEARCH, 28210 Wick Road, Romulus, Michigan 48174



Reorder No.


12 x 24 fl oz bottles per case



NAC No.: 13400172

Telephone:   800-841-1428
Order Desk:   800-841-1428
Fax:   714-516-7904
Website:   www.metrex.com
Email:   info@metrex.com
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