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Douxo Seborrhea Spot-on

This page contains information on Douxo Seborrhea Spot-on for veterinary use.
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Douxo Seborrhea Spot-on

This treatment applies to the following species:
Manufacturer: Sogeval

Seboregulating solution containing phytosphingosine


Solution containing phytosphingosine 1%.

Excipient responsible for the diffusion of the active substance on the skin surface.

PROPERTIES: Phytosphingosine is a natural component of the epidermis. It plays a key role in the building and maintenance of the skin defense barrier. Lack of phytosphingosine is associated with: seborrheic disorders, keratosis, alterations of the lipidic skin surface layer, bacteria and yeast proliferation.

Local application of phytoshingosine helps restore the skin lipid barrier, control the production of scale and sebum and control local flora.

The excipient of DOUXO® SEBORRHEA Spoton allows the diffusion of the product through the lipidic elements of the epidermis.

USES: dogs and cats - topical management of seborrheic conditions.

1 - For the management of local seborrheic conditions, including within the ears.

2 - In protocol with DOUXO® Seborrhea Shampoo, to facilitate the management of generalized seborrheic conditions long term.

Directions For Use

External use only. Open the pipette by twisting the cap. Part the hair and apply the contents of the pipette directly on the skin. In case of inflamed, raw skin, apply the product 2-3 inches away from the lesions. After application, the product will disperse to the concerned area. For use in the ear, apply the product after cleansing.

To close the pipette, turn the cap upside down and reseal.

Localized Seborrheic Condition

Apply the contents of 1 pipette on the lesion once a week for 3-4 weeks.

Excess Ear Wax Production

Apply 1/2 pipettes (contents) on each ear after cleansing with Douxo® Micellar Solution, every 3 days, for 2-3 weeks.

Generalized Seborrheic Condition

Apply once a week for 3-4 weeks:

< 20 kg (40 lbs)

1 pipette

20-45 kg (40-90 lbs)

2 pipettes

> 45 kg (90 lbs)

3 pipettes

PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: Do not swallow. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply on inflamed, raw skin. Do not apply in inflamed ears. Do not apply in case of suspected ruptured ear drum. May discolor leather and fabric.

Available Through Licensed Veterinarians only

Hygiene product for veterinary use only


Box of 25 pipettes of 0.07 fl. oz. (2 mL).

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