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Manufacturer: DeLaval


Udder Sanitizer - Tamed Iodine

For veterinary use only

Active Ingredients

Nonylphenoxypoly (ethyleneoxy) ethanol iodine complex (provides 1.75% titratable iodine)


Directions For Use

Disinfecting udders:

Using an udder towel for each cow, wash with a warm Della-Wash™ solution of 30 mL per 10 litres of water. Dry udders and teats before milking.

Disinfecting teat cups:

Before milking each cow, immerse the teat cups for 30 seconds in a warm Della-Wash™ solution of 30 mL per 10 litres of water.

Della-Wash™ is its own indicator of germicidal activity. The amber or yellow colour shows the presence of the active ingredient - iodine. When the colour fades, prepare a fresh solution. Della-Wash™ is not affected by water hardness or cold water.


Avoid freezing.


Keep Out of reach of Children

Refer to material safety data sheet.

Avoid contact with food.

DANGER: A severe eye and skin irritant. If swallowed, this product is corrosive to mucous membranes.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES: Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles during use.

FIRST AID MEASURES: In case of accidental contact, flush exposed area with large amounts of water. If irritation or burn develops, get medical attention. For eyes, flush with large amounts of water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. If swallowed, drink large quantity of milk, egg whites, gelatin solution or water. Do not induce vomiting.

DeLaval Inc., 150-B Jameson Drive, Peterborough, Ontario K9J 0B9

Made in Canada

Product Code: 6102

Net contents: 4 L, 20 L, 55 L


NAC No.: 12170053

Telephone:   705-741-3100
Fax:   705-741-3150
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