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Patient Information Leaflet


Ergometrine Injection
Important information about your medicine
Your doctor or nurse will give you the injection
► f this injection causes you any problems talk to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist
► lease tell your doctor or pharmacist, if you have any other medical conditions or have an allergy to
any of the ingredients of this medicine
► lease tell your doctor or pharmacist, if you are taking any other medicines

• Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start using this medicine. In some circumstances
this may not be possible and this leaflet will be kept in a safe place should you wish to read it.
• Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again
• If you have any further questions, please ask your doctor or your pharmacist.
• This medicine has been prescribed for you personally and you should not pass it on to others.
It may harm them, even if their symptoms are the same as yours.

Where to find information in this leaflet
1. What Ergometrine Injection is and what it is used for
2. Before you are given Ergometrine Injection
3. How to use Ergometrine Injection
4. Possible side effects
5. Storing Ergometrine Injection
6. Further information

1. What Ergometrine Injection is and what it
is used for
Ergometrine Injection is a medicine that causes
contraction of the muscles of the womb and is
• in the active management of the third stage of


• to control bleeding after the birth.

2. Before you are given Ergometrine
You should NOT be given Ergometrine
Injection if you:
• are sensitive or allergic to Ergometrine
Injection or any of the other ingredients in this
• have high blood pressure
• have heart disease

Please tell your doctor or nurse before
being given the injection if you:
• have liver or kidney problems
• have an infection
• have any heart disease
• are going to have an operation under general


• have cold hands or feet (Raynaud’s disease)

Using other medicines:
Please tell your doctor or nurse if you are taking

or have recently taken any other medicines,
including medicines obtained without a
prescription. This is especially important with the
following medicines as they may interact with your
Ergometrine Injection:
• halothane ( a general anaesthetic)
• drugs that constrict your blood vessels such as
adrenaline (epinephrine)
• any cough or cold remedies

Pregnancy or breast feeding:
Please tell your doctor or nurse before being
given this injection if you are pregnant or
breast feeding. The doctor will then decide if
the injection is suitable for you.

Driving and using machines:
You should not drive or use machinery
if you are affected by the administration of
Ergometrine Injection.

3. How to use Ergometrine Injection
Your nurse or doctor will give you the
Your doctor will decide the correct dosage for
you and how and when the injection will be
Since the injection will be given to you by a doctor
or nurse, it is unlikely that you will be given too
much. If you think you have been given
too much, you must tell the person giving you

the injection.
Ergometrine Injection is not recommended for
elderly patients and children.

4. Possible side effects
Like all medicines, Ergometrine Injection can
cause side effects, although not everybody gets
them. You may suffer:
• nausea
• vomiting
• abdominal pains
• headache
• dizziness
• ringing in the ears
• skin rashes
• irregular or slowed heart beat
• palpitations (an awareness of your heart
• chest pains
• heart attack
• high blood pressure
• breathing difficulties
If you think this injection is causing you any
problems, or you are at all worried, talk to
your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Reporting of side effects
If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor or
nurse: This includes any possible side effects
not listed in this leaflet. You can also report side
effects directly via the Yellow Card Scheme
Alternatively you can call Freephone 0808 100
3352 (available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Mondays
to Fridays) or fill in a paper form available from
your local pharmacy. By reporting side effects you
can help provide more information on the safety
of this medicine.

5. Storing Ergometrine Injection
Your injection will be stored in a refrigerator
between 2°C and 8°C and protected from light.
The nurse or doctor will check that the injection
is not past its expiry date before giving you the

6. Further information
What Ergometrine Injection contains:
This injection contains the active ingredient
ergometrine maleate 0.05% w.v. Each 1 ml
of solution contains 500 mcg of ergometrine
This injection contains the following inactive
ingredients: Sterile Water for Injections.

What Ergometrine Injection looks like
and contents of the pack:
Ergometrine Injection is supplied in a 1 mi clear
glass ampoule, 10 ampoules are supplied in a
The marketing authorisation number of this
medicine is: PL 01502/0008R

Marketing Authorisation Holder:
hameln pharmaceuticals ltd
United Kingdom

hameln pharmaceuticals gmbh
Langes Feld 13
31789 Hameln
hameln rds a.s.
Horná 36
900 01 Modra
Slovak Republic

medicine, please contact the Marketing
Authorisation Holder
This leaflet was last revised in April 2014

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Source: Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided here is accurate, up-to-date and complete, but no guarantee is made to that effect. Drug information contained herein may be time sensitive. This information has been compiled for use by healthcare practitioners and consumers in the United States. The absence of a warning for a given drug or combination thereof in no way should be construed to indicate that the drug or combination is safe, effective or appropriate for any given patient. If you have questions about the substances you are taking, check with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.