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Co-zidocapt 25/12.5mg & 50/25mg Tablets
Please read all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine

Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it again.
If you have further questions, please ask your doctor or your pharmacist.
This medicine has been prescribed for you personally and you should not pass it on to others. It may harm them,
even if their symptoms are the same as yours.
If any of the side effects gets serious, or if you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor
or pharmacist.
In this leaflet:


What is Co−zidocapt and what is it used for?
Before you take Co−zidocapt tablets
How to take Co−zidocapt tablets


Potassium supplements or potassium−containing salt
Medicines used to treat poor circulation e.g.
Nitroglycerine (Vasodilators)
Medicines used to treat mood disorders e.g. Lithium
Medicines used to treat depression e.g. Imipramine
(Tricyclic Antidepressants)
Medicines used to treat gout e.g. Allopurinol
Medicines used to treat irregular heartbeats e.g.
Procainamid (Cardiac Glycosides)
Medicines used to treat cancer e.g. Cyclophosphamide
Medicines used to reduce the body’s immunity when
receiving organ transplant e.g. Ciclosporin
Medicines used to lower cholesterol e.g. Cholestyramine,
Medicines used to treat anaphylaxis e.g. Epinephrine
(Adrenaline) (Sympathomimetics)
Medicines used to treat Diabetes e.g. Insulin,
Sulphonylurea (Antidiabetics)
Medicines used to treat fungal infections e.g. Amphotericin B
Medicines used to treat gullet inflammation and ulcers
e.g. Carbenoxolone
Medicines used to reduce inflammation e.g.
Prednisolone (Corticosteroids)
Corticotropin (ACTH)
Medicines used to treat constipation e.g. Senna
(Stimulant Laxative)
Muscle relaxants e.g. Tubocurarine
Medicines known to induce Torsades de Pointes e.g.
Erythromycin. This may include some Anti−Arrhythmics
e.g. Amiodarone & some Anti−Psychotics e.g.
Medicines used to treat certain rheumatic disorders e.g.
Indomethacin (Non−Steroidal Anti−Inflammatory Drugs −
Medicines used to thin the blood e.g. Heparin (Anti−
Dialysis − patients on dialysis may experience an allergic
reaction with products containing Captopril and
Hydrochlorothiazide contained in this medicine could
produce a positive analytical result in an anti−doping
test, may cause diagnostic interference of the
Bentiromide Test and may affect thyroid tests
Captopril contained in this medicine may cause a false−
positive urine test for acetone

What is Co-zidocapt and what is it
used for?

Co−zidocapt is a combination of Captopril and
Hydrochlorothiazide. Captopril belongs to a group of
medicines called Angiotensin Converting Enzymes (ACE)
Inhibitors to treat high blood pressure.
Captopril is used to lower blood pressure by reducing the
workload of the heart.
Hydrochlorothiazide is also used to reduce high blood
pressure and the build up of fluid in the tissues (Oedema).
It is a ’water pill’ (Diuretic), which helps the body get rid of
excess water and salts by working on the kidneys to
produce more urine.
The combination tablet of Captopril and Hydrochlorothiazide
is prescribed when treatment with one of the drugs does
not control blood pressure properly. The combination can
also be used when the two drugs have been prescribed
separately at the same doses as the combination.


Before you take Co-zidocapt tablets

Do not take Co−zidocapt:
If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to Captopril or any
other ACE Inhibitor, Thiazides (Diuretics), or any
medicine derived from Sulphonamide or any of the other
ingredients in the tablets (these are listed in Section 6,
Further information)
If you are more than 3 months pregnant (It is also better
to avoid Co−zidocapt in early pregnancy − see
Pregnancy section)
If you are breastfeeding (See Pregnancy section)
If you have a history of swelling associated with
previous ACE Inhibitor treatment
If you have a history of a serious allergic reaction which
causes swelling of the face or throat
If you suffer from severe kidney failure
If you suffer from severe liver failure
Take special care with Co−zidocapt Tablets:
You have lack of water in your body (Dehydration),
which may cause a drop in blood pressure. Dehydration
can be caused by low−salt diet, diarrhoea, being sick,
not drinking enough fluids or dialysis
If you suffer from kidney problems
If you suffer from liver problems
If you are Diabetic, especially if you take Insulin
If you are taking Diuretics
If you are taking any medicines/supplements containing
potassium e.g. Heparin
If you suffer from heart problems
If you are taking Allopurinol, Procainamid or a
combination of both
If you are receiving treatment to reduce your immune
If you show signs of infection e.g. sore throat, fever
If you are undergoing desensitisation treatment for
severe insect allergies e.g. bee sting
If you are on dialysis you may experience an allergic
If you are going to have major surgery or if you require
If you have a history of allergy or bronchial asthma
Important warning
You must tell your doctor if you think you are (or might
become) pregnant. Co−zidocapt is not recommended in
early pregnancy and must not be taken if you are more
than 3 months pregnant, as it may cause serious harm to
your baby if used at that stage (See Pregnancy section).
Co−zidocapt tablets are not recommended for use in
If any of the above apply to you or you are not sure
you should seek advice from a doctor or pharmacist.
Taking other medicines
Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking,
or have recently taken any other medicines, including
medicines obtained without a prescription.
Medicines which may interact with Co−zidocapt:
Medicines used to increase frequency of urination e.g.
Triamterene, Amiloride, Spironolactone (Potassium
Sparing Diuretics) & also Thiazide Diuretics e.g.

Possible side effects
How to store Co−zidocapt tablets
Further information

Taking Co−Zidocapt with food and drink
During treatment with Co−Zidocapt, it is advisable not to
drink alcohol.
It is important to drink plenty of fluids to prevent losing
too much water from the body (Dehydration) (see ’Take
special care’, Section 2)
Pregnancy and Breast−feeding
You must tell your doctor if you think you are (or might
become) pregnant. Your doctor will normally advise you to
stop taking Co−zidocapt before you become pregnant or as
soon as you know you are pregnant and will advise you to
take another medicine instead of Co−zidocapt. Co−zidocapt
is not recommended during pregnancy and must not be
taken when more than 3 months pregnant, as it may cause
serious harm to your baby if used after the third month of
Tell your doctor if you are breast−feeding or about to start
breast−feeding. Co−zidocapt is not recommended for
mothers who are breast−feeding.
In the case of an older baby your doctor should advise you
on the benefits and risks of taking Co−zidocapt whilst
breast−feeding, compared with other treatments.
Driving or using machinery
Co−zidocapt may reduce your ability to drive or use
machinery at the start of treatment or when the dose is
changed and also if used in combination with alcohol. If
this happens, do not drive or work machinery and consult
your doctor.
Important information about some of the ingredients of
Co−zidocapt contains Lactose. If you have been told by
your doctor that you have intolerance to some sugars,
contact you doctor before taking this medicine.

Hard to Read?


0800 970 6115

for help


Reduction in blood platelets, which increases risk of
bleeding or bruising (Thrombocytophenia)
Swollen lymph nodes (Lymphadenopathy)
Increase in the usual number of a certain type of white
blood cell in the blood (Eosinophilia)
Auto−immune disorders e.g. Lupus
High levels of blood potassium which can cause abnormal
heart rhythm (Hyperkalaemia)
Low blood sugar levels (Hypoglycaemia)
Increased acidity in the blood (Acidosis)
Heart abruptly stops beating (Cardiac Arrest)
The blood supply being pumped by the heart muscle
needs oxygen (Cardiogenic Shock)
Difficulty breathing (Bronchospasm)
Swelling and irritation inside the nose (Rhinitis)
Swelling and irritation of the small air pockets in the lung
(Allergic Alveolitis)
Coughing, wheezing or feeling short of breath caused
by white blood cells increasing in the lungs and usually
in the bloodstream (Eosinophilic Pneumonia)
Inflammation or infection of the tongue (Glossitis)
Inflammation of the pancreas (Pancreatitis)
Skin condition in which red, itchy swellings called weals
or hives appear on your skin (Urticaria)
Sensitivity to light (Photosensitivity)
Skin disorders including Lyell’s Syndrome
Muscle and/or joint pain (Myalgia/Arthralgia)
Protein in the urine (Nephrotic Syndrome/Proteinuria)
Inability to maintain an erection (Impotence)
Excessive development of the male breast (Gynaecomastia)
Increase of potassium in the blood
Decrease of sodium in the blood
Elevated levels of urea or creatinine in the blood
Other blood disorders
Increase of magnesium in urine

How to take Co-zidocapt Tablets

Always take Co−zidocapt exactly as your doctor has told
you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist if you
are not sure.
Co−zidocapt should be taken as a single oral dose in the
morning before or after food with a generous amount of
It is important to drink plenty of fluids to prevent losing
too much water from the body (Dehydration) (see ’Take
special care’ and ’Taking with food and drink’, Section 2)
Your doctor will usually prescribe you 1 tablet daily − either
25/12.5mg tablet or 50/25mg tablet.
For elderly patients, the dose should be kept as low as
possible to achieve adequate blood pressure control. In
some elderly patients, Co−zidocapt 25/12.5mg tablets may
be sufficient.
Do not give this medicine to children.
Patients with severe kidney problems:
Co−zidocapt is not recommended.
Do not change your dose unless your doctor tells you to do
If you have taken more Co−zidocapt than you should:
If you accidentally take too many tablets, contact your
doctor or nearest emergency department immediately for
advice. Remember to take this leaflet or any remaining
tablets with you.
The symptoms of overdose are: increased urine output,
imbalance of fluids in the body, severely low blood pressure,
loss of consciousness including coma, fits, loss of movement,
irregular heartbeat, slowing of the heart beat, kidney failure

Other Side Effects:
Muscle spasm
If you forget to take Co−zidocapt:
Inflammation of the salivary gland (Sialadentitis)
Take it as soon as you remember, unless it is nearly time
Abnormal condition of the bone marrow in which it is
for your next dose. Do not take a double dose to make up
unable to produce normal amounts of red blood cells,
for a forgotten tablet.
white blood cells, and platelets leaving the immune
If you stop taking Co−zidocapt:
system in a weakened state and vulnerable to infection
It is important that you keep on taking Co−zidocapt until the
(Bone Marrow Depression)
prescribed dose has finished. Do not stop taking the tablets
Glucose in the urine (Glycosuria)
even though you may feel better. Do not stop or change
Abnormally high level of uric acid in the blood
your treatment before talking to your doctor.
Imbalance of fluids in the body. Symptoms include dry
If you have any further questions on the use of this product,
mouth, thirst, weakness, tiredness, drowsiness,
ask your doctor or pharmacist.
restlessness, muscle pain, cramps, being/feeling sick
(Electrolyte Imbalance)
Possible side effects
Increase in cholesterol and other body fats
Low levels of sodium in the blood (Hyponatraemia)
Like most medicines, Co−zidocapt Tablets can cause
Visual disturbances where things have a tinge of yellow
unwanted side effects in some patients.
Inflammation and damage of the blood vessel walls that
Stop taking Co−zidocapt Tablets and seek medical
also affects the skin (Necrotising Angiitis)
advice immediately if you develop the following:
Inflammation of the lung (Pneumonitis)
Allergic reactions: swelling of the hands, face, feet,
Fluid on the lungs (Pulmonary Oedema)
eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, difficulty breathing, itching,
Purplish discoloration of the skin caused by small bleeding
dizziness (Anaphylactic Reactions)
near the surface (Purpura)
Blistering of the skin, mouth, eyes or genitals (Stevens−
Increased calcium in the blood
Johnson Syndrome)


Fever, general ill feeling, itching, joint aches, multiple
skin lesions (Erythema Multiforme)
Liver problems including Jaundice (yellowing of the skin
and/or the whites of the eyes)
Common Side Effects:
Sleep disorders
Loss of hair (Alopecia)
Loss of taste and/or dry mouth
Dizziness or light−headedness
Dry, irritating cough (this should stop after stopping
Shortness of breath (Dyspnoea)
Feeling or being sick (Nausea/Vomiting)
Upset stomach and/or stomach pain
Itching with or without a rash (Pruritus)
Uncommon Side Effects:
Faster heart beat (Tachycardia/Tachyarrhythmia)
Chest pain (Angina Pectoris)
Feeling your heartbeat (Palpitations)
Low blood pressure (Hypotension)
Poor blood circulation which makes the toes and fingers
numb and pale (Raynauds Syndrome)
Redness (Flush) or paling of the skin (Pallor)
Chest pain
Tiredness (Fatigue)
Generally unwell (Malaise)
Rare Side Effects:
Loss of appetite (Anorexia)
Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet (Paraesthesia)
Inflammation and/or ulcers in the mouth (Stomatitis)
Kidney problems including inflammation of the kidneys
(Interstitial Nephritis)
Increased/decreased output of urine (Polyuria/Oliguria)
Very Rare Side Effects:
Blurred vision
Stomach ulcer
Weight loss
Abnormally low level or decrease of white blood cells in
the blood (Neutropenia/Agranulocytosis/Leucopenia)
Severe reduction in blood cells which can cause
weakness, bruising or make infections more likely
(Pancytopenia), especially patients with kidney problems
Reduction in red blood cells which can make skin pale
and cause weakness or breathlessness (Anaemia)

Hard to Read?

If any of the side effects gets serious or if you notice
any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please tell your
doctor or pharmacist.


How to store

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
Store in the original package. Do not store above 25°C.
Do not use Co−zidocapt after the expiry date which is stated
on the carton/bottle after "EXP". The expiry date refers to
the last date of the month.
Medicines should not be disposed of via wastewater or
household waste. Ask your pharmacist how to dispose of
medicines no longer required. These measures will help to
protect the environment.


Further information

What Co−zidocapt contains:
The active ingredients in each tablet are:
25/12.5mg: Each tablet contains 25mg Captopril and
12.5mg Hydrochlorothiazide
50/25mg: Each tablet contains 50mg Captopril and 25mg
Other ingredients are:
Lactose Monohydrate, Magnesium Stearate, Maize Starch,
Microcrystalline Cellulose and Stearic Acid
What Co−zidocapt looks like and contents of the pack:
Co−zidocapt 25/12.5mg & 50/25mg tablets: white to off−
white, round tablets with a score notch
Co−zidocapt is available in:
Co−zidocapt tablets are available in packs of:
20, 28, 50, 100
Not all pack sizes may be marketed.
Marketing Authorisation Holder:
Tillomed Laboratories Ltd,
3 Howard Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots,
Cambridgeshire, PE19 8ET, United Kingdom.
Salutas Pharma GmbH,
Otto−von−Guericke−Allee 1,
39179 Barleben, Germany.
Product licence numbers
Co−zidocapt 25/12.5mg Tablets − PL 11311/0030
Co−zidocapt 50/25mg Tablets − PL 11311/0031
Date of revision June 2012


0800 970 6115

for help

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Source: Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

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