U.S. Health Regulators Question Effectiveness of Female Libido Pill

U.S. Health Regulators Question Effectiveness of female libido pill

From Canadian Press DataFile (June 16, 2010)


WASHINGTON -- Federal health regulators say the first pill designed to boost the female sex drive has failed to make a significant impact on libido in two studies.

But the Food and Drug Administration says women did report slightly more sexually satisfying experiences.

Drug maker Boehringer Ingelheim has asked the FDA to approve flibanserin for women who report a lack of sexual desire.

The FDA will ask a panel of experts Friday to weigh in on the drug’s safety and effectiveness.

The agency will also ask its experts to comment on increased side effects like depression, fainting and dizziness seen among women taking the pill.

The search for so-called ``female Viagra,’’ has proven elusive, with many drugs abandoned after showing lacklustre results.

Dr. Elizabeth Kavaler, a urologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, says arousal in women is so complicated that it may be unrealistic to expect a pill to completely address sexual problems.


Posted: June 2010

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