Online marketplace for physicians

Quantia has introduced the first virtual marketplace for the company’s physician community QuantiaMD to connect doctors to products and services that can benefit their practice. Quantia Marketplace allows physicians to learn about various offerings directly from vendors in short, interactive programs that value their time. Using social technologies, physicians can then help each other make informed decisions by sharing advice about products they find most valuable.

“Physicians are busy and have a hard down parsing through all of the information available to them,” says Mike Coyne, CEO of Quantia. “With the Marketplace, we saw an opportunity to help. Physicians can now learn about products and services in one place, on their time, and compare experiences with peers. We believe this will help them cut through the clutter and make the most informed decisions possible for their practices.”

Physicians typically spend 20 minutes per session interacting with peers on QuantiaMD. Marketplace clients can reach these physicians as they participate and create an opt-in relationship with those who express interest in their product or service. “Participating on QuantiaMD is like having a booth at the front of the largest healthcare conference in the world, every day,” says Joe Sawyer, VP of marketing, CareCloud. “As a client, we can spend five to 10 minutes explaining the value of our cloud-based EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions, resulting in high quality leads for our organization. But unlike a conference, these interactions happen digitally – on the physician’s time – making them cost-effective and scalable.”

Sixty-one percent of physicians scan or explore social media daily or weekly and the majority of them believe that using social media improves patient care. According to Quantia executives, this is the driving force behind the growth and activity of QuantiaMD, which now reaches 70 percent of U.S. physicians with one in three visiting during the last quarter alone.

“The Marketplace houses interactive presentations from vendors offering electronic health records, medical billing, reputation management, malpractice insurance, as well as a variety of medical apps,” Coyne told Med Ad News. “We make it easy for physicians across the country to connect and help each other become better doctors. They ask questions, solve cases together, and learn from leading experts through interactive programs and Q&As. Comparing experiences about products and services for their practice is a natural extension to that.”

Posted: December 2013

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