Internet resources support consumer decision making

Consumers have long used health Websites and other online tools to gather information about conditions and treatments. Now they are broadening their health activity online, using Internet resources to support healthcare decision-making and to manage conditions, a new Manhattan Research study shows. Forty five percent of online U.S. adults with a chronic condition say the Internet is essential to managing their disease or condition, according to the company’s Cybercitizen Health U.S. 2013 study.

“We’ve hit an inflection point in the way consumers use the Internet for health,” says Rory Stanton, consumer insights analyst at Manhattan Research. “They are going beyond seeking-information to using tools and services to manage the day-to-day aspects of care. That’s good news in this post–healthcare reform environment, in which digital engagement of consumers for example via patient portals and telehealth will be a key to success.”

The study also found that online content and services influence how consumers approach health management for themselves and their dependents, with 44 percent of online consumers agreeing that the Internet is essential for their health and medical decision-making.

Posted: December 2013

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