Facts and figures, Interactive Digital Marketing, December 2013

Thirty-eight percent of oncologists report they use four devices on a regular basis such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, according to the results of Digital Insights Group’s DIG Mobile Oncologist study. Twenty-eight percent reported that they use three devices, and 14 percent report they use two devices. Eighteen percent are using just one device.

Regarding devices used for professional purposes, oncologists reported they use a smartphone the most often (40 percent), and that smartphones have the greatest influence (35 percent) on their practice and clinical decision-making.

According to Digital Insights Group researchers, despite an overall preference for mobile, oncologists still prefer to access professional video on their desktop – with their tablet a close second. In addition, 62 percent of oncologists state they are interested in more content from pharmaceutical and device companies tailored to mobile devices.

Oncologists are split with regard to their preference for mobile web or an app to access professional content, according to the study. Only 16 percent reported not having a preference for mobile web versus app. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of oncologists report they use YouTube, while 57 percent report using Facebook and 10 percent say they use Twitter. Twelve percent of oncologists indicated that they regularly “prescribe” apps on their smartphone to patients to use on their own.

Among the more than 215 professional medical sites monitored by Kantar Media’s online intelligence service Evaliant, 143 companies are advertising 310 products online. Seventy-one brands ran ads on 10 or more sites. Prescription medications make up 71 percent of all ad occurrences, pharmaceutical houses comprise 15 percent, and medical appliances/equipment make up the final 14 percent. Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ Xarelto and Ivonaka, Eisai’s Belviq, AstraZeneca’s Brilinta, and Eli Lilly’s Alimta and Cymbalta are among the top brands advertised online.

Sources: Digital Insights Group (digitalinsightsgroup.com) and Kantar Media (kantarmedia-healthcare.com)

Posted: December 2013

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