Doximity's Talent Finder Grants Employment Opportunities

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Physician network Doximity has launched Talent Finder, a service to connect doctors with new careers and consulting opportunities. Company executives say that expansions in coverage due to the Affordable Care Act and an aging population are accelerating demand for medical talent throughout the United States.  Despite this, the medical industry still relies largely on classified ads, career fairs, letter blasts, and job boards. The result is that physicians have a hard time sorting through the noise to pinpoint opportunities with a mutual fit.

Doximity Talent Finder allows the network’s more than 220,000 members to share their curriculum vitae including certifications, research, awards, and specialized clinical interests. In addition, physicians can also specify geographic work preferences along with expectations for salary and call duty. Doximity members are among the most accomplished practitioners in medicine, with more than one million peer-reviewed publications and more than 60 percent having trained at a top quintile medical school or residency program.

“Although other industries have moved on to network-based job searching, they don’t offer the security that sites like ours provide, which is a particularly important feature for physicians,” says Doximity CEO and founder Jeff Tangney.

As a secure relationship-based network, most of Doximity’s day-to-day use revolves around patient care and referrals. But company executives say that these connections have proved useful for career networking as well. The “Forward to a Colleague” feature has proven especially popular, allowing physicians to discover opportunities through referrals from the colleagues that know them best.

More than 200 hospitals and health systems have beta-tested the service, including Cedars-Sinai, Ohio State University, Kaiser Permanente, One Medical Group, Allina Health, and Banner Health. Employers and physicians alike have found it more efficient than traditional methods.

Dr. Moshe Usadi, a family medicine physician from Charlotte, was interested in moonlighting work, but too busy to scour the job boards each week. But after a colleague invited him to join Doximity, “I learned of an opportunity in my hometown – just what I was looking for,” he said. “I was impressed because the recruiter had clearly read my profile and noted my interests. For the first time, a recruiting service provided a match that made sense for me. I’m not sure how I would have found this had it not been for Doximity.”

“Approximately 70,000 job and consulting offers have been made on the platform so far,” Tangney told Med Ad News Daily. “TalentFinder is not a separate iPhone app from Doximity; however, Doximity users can receive and reply to TalentFinder messages on our mobile app. Most of Doximity usage is on mobile as opposed to desktop.”

Doximity Takes on Physician Shortage with Launch of Talent Finder

Posted: December 2013

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