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Clinical Trials Update: Oct. 9, 2008

-- Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of CenterWatch:

Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML)

If you are aged 60 to 75 and have been diagnosed with AML, you may be eligible to participate in this study.

The research site is in Lake Success, N.Y.

More information

Please see http://www.centerwatch.com/patient/studies/cat660.html.


Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

If you are 18 or older, have confirmed follicular Grade 1-3a NHL, and have recovered fully from any significant toxicity associated with prior surgery, radiation treatments, chemotherapy, biological therapy, autologous bone marrow or stem cell transplant, or investigational drugs, you may be eligible for this study.

The research site is in Seattle, Wash.

More information

Please see http://www.centerwatch.com/patient/studies/cat203.html.


Hot Flashes

If you are a postmenopausal woman, aged 18 to 70, who has moderate-to-severe hot flashes, you may qualify for this study.

The research site is in Plano, Texas.

More information

Please see http://www.centerwatch.com/patient/studies/cat309.html.


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Posted: October 2008

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