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Clinical Trials Update: Dec. 18, 2008

-- Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of CenterWatch:

Allergy (Pediatric)

If your child is aged 5 to 17, has a clinical history of grass allergies, has used allergy medication in last year, and has FEV1 lung function of 70 percent or greater, the child may qualify for this trial.

The research site is in Waco, Texas

More information

Please see http://www.centerwatch.com/patient/studies/cat432.html.


High Cholesterol (Hyperlipidemia)

If you have high cholesterol, you may qualify this study of an investigational medication.

The research site is in Lakewood, Wash.

More information

Please see http://www.centerwatch.com/patient/studies/cat170.html.



If you have advanced ovarian cancer with positive BRCA1 or BRCA2 status, and have progressive or recurrent disease after platinum-based chemotherapy, you may be eligible for this study.

The research site is in San Francisco, Calif.

More information

Please see http://www.centerwatch.com/patient/studies/cat402.html.


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Posted: December 2008

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