In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

In the US, Phenylbutazone is a member of the drug class nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents.

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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories

Analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, NSAID

Chemical Name

3,5-Pyrazolidinedione, 4-butyl-1,2-diphenyl-

Foreign Names

Generic Names

Brand Names

  • Akrofen
    Nufarindo, Indonesia
  • Ambene
    Merckle Recordati, Germany
  • Antipyranal (veterinary use)
    Alfasan, Netherlands
  • Arthrisel (veterinary use)
    Selecta, Germany
  • Beautamav (veterinary use)
    Mavlab, Australia
  • Berlison
    Berlico Mulia Farma, Indonesia
  • Bizolin (veterinary use)
    Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, United States
  • Butadion
    Gedeon Richter, Georgia; Gedeon Richter, Lithuania
  • Butalone (veterinary use)
    Apex Laboratories, Australia
  • Butapirazol
    GlaxoSmithKline, Poland
  • Butasan (veterinary use)
    Vetochas, Germany; Vetoquinol, Switzerland
  • Butasyl (Phenylbutazone and Salicylic Acid (veterinary use))
    Novartis Animal Health Australasia, Australia
  • Butatron (veterinary use)
    Cross Vetpharm Group, United States
  • Butazolidin
    Fagron, Netherlands
  • Butazolidin (veterinary use)
    Schering-Plough Animal Health, United States
  • Butazolidina
    Novartis, Brazil
  • Bute (veterinary use)
    Acme, Italy; Ranvet, Australia
  • Butequine (veterinary use)
    Bioniche Animal Health, United States
  • Butin (veterinary use)
    International Animal Health, Australia; Parnell, New Zealand
  • Companazone (veterinary use)
    Arnolds, United Kingdom
  • Deltazone (veterinary use)
    Ceva Delvet, Australia
  • Dextrarine Phénylbutazone (Phenylbutazone and Dextran)
    Sanofi-Aventis, France
  • Diflamix (Phenylbutazone and Triamcinolone (veterinary use))
    Omega Pharma France vet., France
  • Enkapyrin (Phenylbutazone and Propyphenazone)
    Kimia Farma, Indonesia
  • Equibutazone (veterinary use)
    Virbac, Australia
  • EquiBute (veterinary use)
    Fort Dodge Animale Health, United States
  • Equipalazone (veterinary use)
    Bomac, New Zealand; Dechra, United Kingdom; Dechra Veterinary Products, France; Selecta, Germany; Veterinaria, Switzerland; Vétoquinol, United States
  • Equiphen (veterinary use)
    Luitpold, United States
  • Equizone (veterinary use)
    A&G Pharmaceuticals, United States; Bomac, New Zealand
  • Esanfrix (Phenylbutazone and Methyl Salicylate)
    Farmac. Esan, Chile
  • exrheudon OPT
    Optimed, Germany
  • Fenilbutazona Andromaco
    Andromaco, Chile
  • Fenilbutazona Mintlab
    Mintlab, Chile
  • Fenilbutazonã MK
    Fiterman, Romania
  • Fenilbutazona Sanitas
    Sanitas, Chile
  • Fenilbutazonã
    Antibiotice, Romania; Gedeon Richter, Romania; Ozone Laboratories, Romania; Sintofarm, Romania
  • Fenilbutazone (veterinary use)
    Ati, Italy; Equality, Italy
  • Fenylbutazon Oba
    OBA, Denmark
  • Fenylbutazon (veterinary use)
    Dechra, Sweden; Kombivet, Netherlands; V.M.D, Belgium
  • Fenylbutazone (veterinary use)
    Virbac, South Africa
  • Hippopalazon (veterinary use)
    Aristvet, Germany
  • Inflazone
    Aspen Pharmacare, South Africa
  • Irgapan
    Dexa Medica, Indonesia
  • Irtonpyson
    Newai Chem, Taiwan
  • Kadol
    Teofarma, Italy
  • Myoton (veterinary use)
    Jurox, Australia; Jurox, New Zealand
  • Oralject (veterinary use)
    Bomac, New Zealand
  • P Butazone (veterinary use)
    Vetsearch International, Australia
  • P-Butazone (veterinary use)
    Vetsearch International, Australia
  • Phen Buta (veterinary use)
    Cross Vetpharm Group, United States
  • Phen-Pred (Phenylbutazone and Prednisolone (veterinary use))
    Stricker, Switzerland; Alvetra u. Werfft, Austria; CPPharma, Germany
  • Phenylarthrite (veterinary use)
    Bayer Animal Health, South Africa; Vétoquinol S.A., Australia
  • Phenylbutariem (veterinary use)
    Ecuphar, Germany
  • Phenylbutazon
    Gedeon Richter, Hungary
  • Phenylbutazon (veterinary use)
    Aristvet, Germany; CPPharma, Germany; Eurovet, Netherlands; Riemser Animal, Germany; Selecta, Germany
  • Phenylbutazone Molex Ayus
    Molex Ayus, Indonesia
  • Phenylbutazone with Sodium Salicylate (Phenylbutazone and Salicylic Acid (veterinary use))
    Pfizer Animal Health, Australia
  • Phenylbutazone (veterinary use)
    Ayrton Saunders, United Kingdom; Cross Vetpharm Group, United States; IVX, United States; Pegasus, United States; Sparhawk, United States; West-Ward, United States
  • Phenylbute (veterinary use)
    Caledonian Holdings, New Zealand; IVX, United States; Schering-Plough Animal Health, United States
  • Phenylzone (Phenylbutazone and Lidocaine (veterinary use))
    Ilium Veterinary Products, Australia
  • Phenylzone (veterinary use)
    Schering-Plough Animal Health, United States
  • Predni-Butadion (Phenylbutazone and Prednisolone (veterinary use))
    Streuli Vet, Switzerland
  • Pributazone (veterinary use)
    First Priority, United States
  • Pro Dynam (veterinary use)
    Dechra, United Kingdom
  • Robizone V (veterinary use)
    Fort Dodge Animale Health, United States
  • Salbute (Phenylbutazone and Salicylic Acid (veterinary use))
    Nature Vet, Australia
  • Sigma-Elmedal
    Thiemann, Ethiopia
  • Superiorbut (veterinary use)
    Superior, United States
  • Tevcodyne (veterinary use)
    IVX, United States
  • Therazone (veterinary use)
    First Priority, United States
  • Arthri Dog (Phenylbutazone and Prednisolone (veterinary use))
    Vetoquinol, France
  • Butazona Calcica
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Brazil
  • Fenilbutazona
    Neo Quimica, Brazil
  • New Skelan (Phenylbutazone and Carisoprodol)
    Medifarma, Indonesia; UAP, Indonesia
  • Ticinil Calcico
    Boehringer Ingelheim, Venezuela
  • Afibutazone (veterinary use)
    AFI, Italy
  • Ambene
    Merckle Recordati, Germany
  • Bute (veterinary use)
    Acme, Italy
  • Fenilbutazone (veterinary use)
    Intervet, Italy
  • Nabudone (Phenylbutazone and Cinchocaine (veterinary use))
    Ilium Veterinary Products, Australia
  • Nabudone (veterinary use)
    Ilium Veterinary Products, Australia
  • Phenylbutazon (veterinary use)
    Vetochas, Germany
  • Phenytoin
    Union, Taiwan
  • Ramidex (Phenylbutazone and Ramifenazone, + Dexamethasone (veterinary use))
    Ranvet, Australia

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