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Norco Withdrawal Cure!!!!!!!!
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    Default Norco Withdrawal Cure!!!!!!!!

    Hello all. How is everyone doing?? I am currently a law student at a California University. I have been addicted to norcos for 3 years and decided enough is enough. I knew the withdrawals were going to be sever so I knew I had to take sever actions to conquer them. I visited my Aunt who's an anatomical psychiatrist. She explained to me exactly what withdrawals were and painted such a good picture to me and she explained how you can counter act the withdrawals in your system with natural remedies. I was skeptical at first but when I actually stopped I did an experiment so I could share with others. So here we go.

    I had been taking anywhere between 8-12 10/325 Norcos a day for the past 3 years due to a severe car accident in which I had surgery on both shoulders (Right Arthroscopic Labrum Repair & Left Rotator Cuff reconstruction), my right elbow (Tommy Johns Surgery), Left ankle (Left Lateral Collateral Ligament Reconstruction) and 3 vertebrae reconstructions L3,L4 and L5.

    So here was my journaled log. My plan was to go 3 days cold turkey and log my experience, then continue on the norcos for 1 month and then once again go cold turkey only this time taking my Aunts advice and doing her recommended regimen.

    3 Day Cold Turkey (No Regimen):

    Day 1-
    7 AM: Woke up felt fine until around 9AM then the chills and runny nose set it.

    10 AM- Began to feel large amounts of pain and started withdrawing. Restless and twitchy legs, stomach cramps and lethargy. Just wanted to sleep

    11-3 PM- took a nap and woke up feeling like I just drank a bottle of NYQUILL no energy whatsoever at this point. Irritated and quick to be impatient.

    3-9PM: Same symptoms, no worsening just stagnant struggling.

    11PM: Bedtime, already had restless legs, laid down at 11PM fell asleep at 4:50

    Day 2:

    Same as day 1 except no naps at all, very tired, not hungry and running on 2 hours of sleep. Just want a pain pill and this will all be over.

    3PM: Began dry heaving after trying to eat soup and didnt get any better couldnt hold it down threw up around 30 minutes after eating.

    9PM: Bedtime, fell asleep at 3:30 AM woke up @ 6 AM

    Day 3:

    10 AM: took a epsom salt bath to try and relieve aches and pains (did not help at all)

    11AM: sucked down a Jamba Juice first meal I have held down since the night before day 1. Miserable and pissed off.

    2PM: went and got a massage to try and relieve back pain, threw up after due to dehydration and headache.

    5PM: Went for a drive because I didnt want my family to see me like this anymore.

    9PM: went to bed at 9PM and fell asleep at 1 AM, woke up at 7AM.

    End of day 3.

    Start of day 4-12:

    Took 10- 10/325 Mg Norcos a day for the following week.

    Which brought me to my next cold turkey experience but this time I was going to try and do what my Aunt told me to do. Basically she said if you think of your body as an alarm clock, when the alarm goes off (Pain or craving) you stop the alarm by putting a wet cloth in between the 2 bells that are ringing. Not fixing the problem but numbing it. Whereas if there is an alarm off button and you somehow find a way to press that then the alarm subsides and wont come back. That being said, there are a few things that the body will need when going thru withdrawals. Many of them are herbs and ingredients within herbs and vegetables. And you will need alot:

    Fresh Ginger
    Mustard Greens
    1 gallon of H20/day
    Milk Thistle
    Vitamin B-12
    Mint leaves
    Fish Oil
    Flax seed oil

    The regimine is this.

    Use a juicer (Juicing is best) or a blender, every morning upon waking, immediately begin with a 1 inch piece of ginger and 8oz of water. Blend or Juice and drink.

    Breakfast: (Mean Green Shake) Kale, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Beets, Carrots, Fennel, and Dandelion. Blend or juice together and drink. After drinking, take flax seed oil, fish oil and Vitamin B-12

    Snack: 1 cup chamomile tea with mint leaves

    Lunch: Mean Green Shake, same as breakfast.

    Snack: 1 cup chamomile tea, with dandelion leaves and mint leaves.

    Dinner: Mean Green Shake, With Magnesium ( This will help with restless legs and sleep)

    Pre-bedtime- Juice or Blend- Ginger, Carrots and beets. After drinking take 1 milk thistle and law down immediately and close your eyes. Think positive and count back from 200.

    That being said, let me tell you what. I swear with all that I have when I quit cold turkey I followed this to the T. I didnt experience one bad symptom, I ran 1-3 miles everyday, didnt have a hard time sleeping and didnt lose any focus and overall felt GREAT. it was amazing. I am now 3 weeks clean and going strong. Quitting is a hard choice, but making that choice is half the battle. Once you decide to do so it needs to be a lifestyle change. And that change begins with feeding your body the right fuel. DO this and I promise it will help immensely. I am on here for good, Im a new member but if anybody wants to try it for real and is serious I have a way more in depth menu and guide to how to do this the 100% right way. Just didnt want to type it all. I am always here to talk and I look forward to talking with whomever soon.

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    What an inspiring post, I'm so grateful and your encouragement gave me the courage to start tomorrow! I'm going to the store today, did you say you have suggested meal plans that will help too?

    Warmest thanks.

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    MT, with your permission, I want to copy and keep this post of yours. Your aunt gave you a very effective rapid detox formula which needs to be passed onto others. This formula addresses both the stomach issues as well as anxiety, from what I can see. Thankyou for posting. Is it ok if I copy and re-post in the future?

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    While I have no problem with the healthy alternatives to treat the symptoms, I am rather startled at the idea of going C/T for three days - only to return to full drug use for another month. Was that intentional - ie, part of the plan? That piece makes no sense to me! Was that supposed to make this "cure" work better?

    I've been working in this field for many years... and whenever I read the word "cure" relating to addiction recovery, my alarm bells go off. All addicts would LOVE to find a "cure" - but there is no cure. This is a chronic, complex, progressive disease... and once we have it, it's ours for life. There is no established "easy breezy" way past withdrawal, either - although some natural remedies may help ease some symptoms. So that "cure" word dangles an enticing idea to a struggling addict... and many use that word... but I have yet to find any "cure" that has been proven to work.
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    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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    1. You ate healthy foods
    2. You kept active
    3. You stayed positive throughout
    4. The supplements eased your w/d symptoms
    5. An "I'm going to do this" mindset.

    The only piece you left out was how you were going to stay clean. Everything in your post speaks to treating symptoms. Which in itself is fine, but it is nowhere near a cure. I wish there was a cure for addiction. There is vigilance, NA, AA, counseling to keep the addiction at bay. If this were a miracle cure for addiction, no one would need this board. So for any addicts out there:



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    Well said, Rose - and spot-on with the need for a 12-step program!

    "Specialized Breed," (I hadn't even noticed the bizarre s/n before!)

    If you think this nightmare of addiction is behind you, you're setting yourself up for more misery. You have dealt with ONLY the physical withdrawal, but the real battle to stay clean comes with the mental and emotional aspects of this disease. The only viable, long-term solution for confronting these issues is either NA or AA. Get to some meetings and listen to the suggestions. It could save your life. God bless.
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    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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    How much of each ingredient do I use for the mean green shake?

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    They said norco withdrawal cure...not addiction cure, and if this worked for them that's awesome!!! I would like more information if possible!

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    I concur with Artist658!.....I realize this is your way weaning off of Norco, however, I do not think you can entirely refrain from utilizing Norco, then go back and use again for one whole month!.....The three days you C/T were wasted then, right?....They will (WD) come back again, from the full use for the following month, right?

    Listen, I was given no choice to C/T on Norco...I was taking 7.5/325mg. for over 5 years, prior to that I was taking Vicodin ES, I believe much stronger than the Norco?....I was the Vicodin ES since probably 1999, that is a very long time, right?...Over 15 years of Opiate abuse....My toleration was up to 10 a day, started out as about 3 to 4 a day, however the rush was not working at 3 or 4, so the increase started within the years!

    As of July 21, 2014, my Doctor cut me off!!....Primarily the payback for not attending the appointment!...So he says!...Who knows, maybe by law that have to see you within a certain amount of months to continue to prescribe, right??

    Pleaded with his receptionist, to ask him to refill the Norco, Doctor was ADAMANT!!...He will not until your next appointment in Mid-August!.....So......I was forced to Cold Turkey, no choice!...

    I am on my Seventh Day, feeling a little better!....Man, the first days are terrible!...Like you are a zombie with bad flu symptoms, right?.....Sick as a dog, you do not want to talk or be around peeps!....When I use to work, now retired, if my refill was not filled by the next work day, I would have to call in sick, because of the withdrawals symptoms, you must be addicted, when you have call in sick for work, right??

    Now that I have had some support from a friend texting me to remain clean....And the various Vitamins and flu medicines, I am now on day 7!....Feeling physically better, not 100%, but better than day one, that is for sure!!!....The mental part is killing me right now, do not what to replace the rush with anymore, my routine in the morning, was get up at 5am, pour a cup coffee and drop two Norcos to get the morning started...Then just sit on the couch and meditate til about 8 am, then take one more Norco, then ready to jump in the shower!....So, three in the morning, then about 4 at work, then about one more around dinner time!..It would be around 8 to 11 a day, depending how sociable I wanted to be, or if I was going to be a social event/activity, I would have to take extra Norco!....

    I am a recovering alcoholic, that has drank in over 28 years,but instead substituted with the Vicodin/Norco and tell everyone, that I am free from alcohol, did not tell anyone I was on Vicodin/Norco, it was legal, because they were prescribed by a Physician, did not see any thing wrong with this type medication, until I found out that I could not function without them!!! I have an appoint in mid August, do know I am some pain due to my neck and back problems due to a herniated disc, but my real pain is the addiction, more so that then my neck and back!!...Should I continue with the Meds. if he prescribed again!....It will be over three weeks of freedom of the Norco, by the time I see him again, withdrawals should subside by then, right?...However, I am no longer the happy go lucky, not lazy, conquer the world type of guy anymore with the the Norco/Vicodin!!!....How does one replace feeling food and happy again?...Please help with some support out there~!...I need some guidance and suggestions/alternatives to get my mental state on track again!....I was very productive at work and home, when on Norco, now I am just like a ZOMBIE!!...

    I have gone this far from the withdrawals, do not want to encounter these again!!!...Thanks a Million!!!

    Thanks.....And HELP!!

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    It has been very frustrating to read this thread. The opening post was only half-read by many commenting on here. Firstly, never, not once, did he say this was an addiction cure. He said it was a cure for Norco WITHDRAWAL. I know first-hand the initial symptoms of withdrawal are debilitating. Im not an addict. I had knee replacement surgery recently. I weaned down slowly and still had dreadful symptoms upon stopping due to my high sensitivity to meds in general. So this WITHDRAWAL cure was of great interest to me. Although I believe Im almost over it. Its been a week and im still fatigued but improving. However, it was pure physical torture the first several days.

    Secondly, he did NOT return to Norco for a month. He returned to it for a WEEK. The reason for this was obvious to me. To completely recover from his 3-day withdrawal before attempting it with the natural regimen he got from his aunt.
    He may not have said anything about his own addiction but to act as if the horrific, debilitating initial physical withdrawal doesnt desperately need to be addressed is ridiculous. It's hell. Let's just get past that and then we can talk about addiction counseling etc for those who are addicts.
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    I have to say, I signed up for this site just to respond to your post. I'm struggling to ween down currently, and I find weening to be the only way to combat withdrawal. That being said, I don't think I have the stomach to follow your regimen. Literally, I had weight loss surgery in October, and I don't think my little tummy could take that lol. Perhaps, I'm just being negative - I want to give this a try, but I have my doubts. Anyone else that tries this please leave updates!

    December 2013 - Diagnosed with an extreme case of Meralgia paresthetica - been increasing meds ever since, and now I'm fighting to take my life back! Any help is appreciated---PM if you want

    I'm currently on 6.5 15mg oxycodones/day - that's down from 8 30 mg per day ---

    I want to be CLEAN by my wedding on 9/20, without derailing my life----

    Meeting a surgeon to talk about removing the nerve on August 5th, if you want to know more about my story, feel free to reach out.

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    Did SpecializedBreed ever come back with a detailed menu or recipes for his regimen above? I've been searching for natural supplements to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. If anyone has that info, or related info, please let me know.

    DrsRdumb- I also just signed up. Wishing you the best in your endeavor to quit Oxycodone. I tried to wean myself off them, and made several serious attempts at quitting cold turkey, but I never could. I was lucky to find a great doctor who put me on a Suboxone treatment program (blocks your opiate receptors without the "high" - you take them once a day, and function normally). I have been stable on them for over a year, and now ready to take the final step and quit Suboxone as well. Since you want to be clean by your wedding, which is coming up quick, maybe Suboxone would also be a good treatment for you. They won't "derail" you and you'll be able to focus on enjoying this very happy time in your life rather than worrying about pills. Something to ask your doctor about.
    Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterdays". Ralph Waldo Emerson .

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    I signed up just to talk to you! I too had WLS in 2008- and a preforated intestine in 2010.

    Congratulations on your marriage! My husband had WLS too, though he's having a hard time keeping the weight off.

    I've been an opiate dependant for 3 years. Because of insurance change I need a new MD- my pain managment will only do injections, not pills. Needless to say, I'm weaning. However I am curious- Did they have you on oxy because the absense of acedomediphine? When Drs discover I was on 30mg oxys they look at me like I may as well have a >>>>>> needle sticking out of my arm!! (I have severe spinal issues and 3yr old twins to chase which is ultimately what began my dependance; they deserve a nice mom, not a grouchy old bag that cant even play with them-

    Anyway, I have some excellent tips on juicing as well as what our guts can do (if this is still of interest to you)! I need to practice- I felt much better when I juiced regularly)

    Were you successful at weaning? Did you undergo surgery? If so was it helpful?

    Thank you for sharing! Wishing you well.

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