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Norco Withdrawal Cure!!!!!!!!
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    Default Norco Withdrawal Cure!!!!!!!!

    Hello all. How is everyone doing?? I am currently a law student at a California University. I have been addicted to norcos for 3 years and decided enough is enough. I knew the withdrawals were going to be sever so I knew I had to take sever actions to conquer them. I visited my Aunt who's an anatomical psychiatrist. She explained to me exactly what withdrawals were and painted such a good picture to me and she explained how you can counter act the withdrawals in your system with natural remedies. I was skeptical at first but when I actually stopped I did an experiment so I could share with others. So here we go.

    I had been taking anywhere between 8-12 10/325 Norcos a day for the past 3 years due to a severe car accident in which I had surgery on both shoulders (Right Arthroscopic Labrum Repair & Left Rotator Cuff reconstruction), my right elbow (Tommy Johns Surgery), Left ankle (Left Lateral Collateral Ligament Reconstruction) and 3 vertebrae reconstructions L3,L4 and L5.

    So here was my journaled log. My plan was to go 3 days cold turkey and log my experience, then continue on the norcos for 1 month and then once again go cold turkey only this time taking my Aunts advice and doing her recommended regimen.

    3 Day Cold Turkey (No Regimen):

    Day 1-
    7 AM: Woke up felt fine until around 9AM then the chills and runny nose set it.

    10 AM- Began to feel large amounts of pain and started withdrawing. Restless and twitchy legs, stomach cramps and lethargy. Just wanted to sleep

    11-3 PM- took a nap and woke up feeling like I just drank a bottle of NYQUILL no energy whatsoever at this point. Irritated and quick to be impatient.

    3-9PM: Same symptoms, no worsening just stagnant struggling.

    11PM: Bedtime, already had restless legs, laid down at 11PM fell asleep at 4:50

    Day 2:

    Same as day 1 except no naps at all, very tired, not hungry and running on 2 hours of sleep. Just want a pain pill and this will all be over.

    3PM: Began dry heaving after trying to eat soup and didnt get any better couldnt hold it down threw up around 30 minutes after eating.

    9PM: Bedtime, fell asleep at 3:30 AM woke up @ 6 AM

    Day 3:

    10 AM: took a epsom salt bath to try and relieve aches and pains (did not help at all)

    11AM: sucked down a Jamba Juice first meal I have held down since the night before day 1. Miserable and pissed off.

    2PM: went and got a massage to try and relieve back pain, threw up after due to dehydration and headache.

    5PM: Went for a drive because I didnt want my family to see me like this anymore.

    9PM: went to bed at 9PM and fell asleep at 1 AM, woke up at 7AM.

    End of day 3.

    Start of day 4-12:

    Took 10- 10/325 Mg Norcos a day for the following week.

    Which brought me to my next cold turkey experience but this time I was going to try and do what my Aunt told me to do. Basically she said if you think of your body as an alarm clock, when the alarm goes off (Pain or craving) you stop the alarm by putting a wet cloth in between the 2 bells that are ringing. Not fixing the problem but numbing it. Whereas if there is an alarm off button and you somehow find a way to press that then the alarm subsides and wont come back. That being said, there are a few things that the body will need when going thru withdrawals. Many of them are herbs and ingredients within herbs and vegetables. And you will need alot:

    Fresh Ginger
    Mustard Greens
    1 gallon of H20/day
    Milk Thistle
    Vitamin B-12
    Mint leaves
    Fish Oil
    Flax seed oil

    The regimine is this.

    Use a juicer (Juicing is best) or a blender, every morning upon waking, immediately begin with a 1 inch piece of ginger and 8oz of water. Blend or Juice and drink.

    Breakfast: (Mean Green Shake) Kale, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Beets, Carrots, Fennel, and Dandelion. Blend or juice together and drink. After drinking, take flax seed oil, fish oil and Vitamin B-12

    Snack: 1 cup chamomile tea with mint leaves

    Lunch: Mean Green Shake, same as breakfast.

    Snack: 1 cup chamomile tea, with dandelion leaves and mint leaves.

    Dinner: Mean Green Shake, With Magnesium ( This will help with restless legs and sleep)

    Pre-bedtime- Juice or Blend- Ginger, Carrots and beets. After drinking take 1 milk thistle and law down immediately and close your eyes. Think positive and count back from 200.

    That being said, let me tell you what. I swear with all that I have when I quit cold turkey I followed this to the T. I didnt experience one bad symptom, I ran 1-3 miles everyday, didnt have a hard time sleeping and didnt lose any focus and overall felt GREAT. it was amazing. I am now 3 weeks clean and going strong. Quitting is a hard choice, but making that choice is half the battle. Once you decide to do so it needs to be a lifestyle change. And that change begins with feeding your body the right fuel. DO this and I promise it will help immensely. I am on here for good, Im a new member but if anybody wants to try it for real and is serious I have a way more in depth menu and guide to how to do this the 100% right way. Just didnt want to type it all. I am always here to talk and I look forward to talking with whomever soon.

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    What an inspiring post, I'm so grateful and your encouragement gave me the courage to start tomorrow! I'm going to the store today, did you say you have suggested meal plans that will help too?

    Warmest thanks.

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    MT, with your permission, I want to copy and keep this post of yours. Your aunt gave you a very effective rapid detox formula which needs to be passed onto others. This formula addresses both the stomach issues as well as anxiety, from what I can see. Thankyou for posting. Is it ok if I copy and re-post in the future?

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    While I have no problem with the healthy alternatives to treat the symptoms, I am rather startled at the idea of going C/T for three days - only to return to full drug use for another month. Was that intentional - ie, part of the plan? That piece makes no sense to me! Was that supposed to make this "cure" work better?

    I've been working in this field for many years... and whenever I read the word "cure" relating to addiction recovery, my alarm bells go off. All addicts would LOVE to find a "cure" - but there is no cure. This is a chronic, complex, progressive disease... and once we have it, it's ours for life. There is no established "easy breezy" way past withdrawal, either - although some natural remedies may help ease some symptoms. So that "cure" word dangles an enticing idea to a struggling addict... and many use that word... but I have yet to find any "cure" that has been proven to work.
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    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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    1. You ate healthy foods
    2. You kept active
    3. You stayed positive throughout
    4. The supplements eased your w/d symptoms
    5. An "I'm going to do this" mindset.

    The only piece you left out was how you were going to stay clean. Everything in your post speaks to treating symptoms. Which in itself is fine, but it is nowhere near a cure. I wish there was a cure for addiction. There is vigilance, NA, AA, counseling to keep the addiction at bay. If this were a miracle cure for addiction, no one would need this board. So for any addicts out there:



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    Well said, Rose - and spot-on with the need for a 12-step program!

    "Specialized Breed," (I hadn't even noticed the bizarre s/n before!)

    If you think this nightmare of addiction is behind you, you're setting yourself up for more misery. You have dealt with ONLY the physical withdrawal, but the real battle to stay clean comes with the mental and emotional aspects of this disease. The only viable, long-term solution for confronting these issues is either NA or AA. Get to some meetings and listen to the suggestions. It could save your life. God bless.
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    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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    How much of each ingredient do I use for the mean green shake?

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