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Somatic hallucination vibe
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    Default Somatic hallucination vibe

    Ok so me and some of my friend all experienced this strange vibe tonight.. now when you do any kinda of pyscadelic drug. you get this sence of your dreaming. well i was wondering because tonight i got this feeling like i was on a pyscadelic drug again.. and just had this weird vibe comming off me. something didnt feel right and when i started talking about it. everyone started to feel how i felt like there was some sort of vibe comming off me and onto everyone else.
    my question to you guys is have you ever had this feeling, like my buddie said. "this is the feeling i imagine right before you die." when something is just not right everything feels like a dream. so if anyone can tell me what this is or if they have felt this before. respond

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    I would say that maybe you were having a fashback and when you started to talk about it the group became somewhat stoned because of the power of suggestion.
    Now you can see how these so called faith healers get all these poor lost souls to give money on the promise of healing them,idiots.
    Anyway I would think it was like a group hypnotism type thing,i don't know but I can see what your saying happening when everyone tunes into someone else.....Dave

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