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How can I get off cymbalta???
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    Default How can I get off cymbalta???

    Hello again. I am currently on quite a few drugs and I am going to try to get preggo in several months. I am weaning off suboxone and probably (hopefully) within 2 months. HOW DO I GET OFF CYMBALTA? I am on 20 mgs and have been for about 7-8months. It hasn't done anything for me except cause headaches. I know I am on the lowest dose but I don't just want to stop cold turkey do I (after the suboxone is done)? Should I start doing every other day? Then every third day? I have a friend who is a pharmacists and that was the best advice she could give me because she has never been on them before. Has anyone else been weaned off them? Any advice? Any vitamins that I should be taking or anything?
    Please don't reply to me about negative experiences...I am the type of person that if I read something that will happen while I go off of them, I will automatically think that I have the same thing (hypochondriac!).
    Thank you for all your help and I appreciate ANY advice!!!!

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    Good Morning,

    I came off of cymbalta with little too no problems. (cold turkey) Felt alittle light headed for a few days. After 6 months I actually went back on it! lol

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