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  1. I'm addicted and need to quit
  2. Physeptone/Meth hell
  3. Encouragement 4 All
  4. What to wean of subs for good. Need help. 3 years on 12mg.
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  6. its time to quit..."subs"
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  10. Sub Withdrawl Day 14
  11. My boyfriend is relapsing & in denial
  12. Coming off of roughly 10mg Methadone ct. NEED SUPPORT!
  13. need advice with the thomas recipe
  14. Sub doesn't seem to be working :/
  15. so angry
  16. Getting off Tramadol in 5,4,3,2, oh god!
  17. What do I do !!??!!
  18. Tramadol addiction
  19. 6:30 am on my fifth day clean...
  20. detoxing from dependency
  21. support is what i need.
  22. Need Advice Please Help
  23. bf drug addiction
  24. Here Again!
  25. Clean for 4 months but now struggling
  26. Universalist
  27. New member struggling and need advice
  28. Suboxone taper/withdrawls
  29. Detoxing tomorrow
  30. This is for you. Encouragement.
  31. Wanting to stop co codamol
  32. not sure
  33. Methadone to Suboxone HELP PLEASE...
  34. Getting off opiates with kaiser so cal
  35. prescription oxycodone addiction please help....!
  36. Question about Lorazepam (Ativan) 2mg
  37. Please need advice... Subutex wean , insomnia and Vicodin
  38. How do I tell my deceased boyfriend's family that he died from drug overdose
  39. Day2 norco cold turkey
  40. advice for an addicts girlfriend
  41. Day 6 After Jumping from Methadone 29mg
  42. Help addiction to codeine tablets
  43. Getting off Norco 10/325 5-6 pills per day NEED ADVICE
  44. Percocet Taper
  45. Suboxone Once Helped Me, Now It's Hurting Me
  46. hi my name is Adrian and I'm thinking about switching from methadone to suboxon
  47. Suboxone and Valium
  48. Gabapentin question
  49. plzz god help me
  50. anyone familiar with Naltrexone??
  51. day 9, full story.
  52. Day 8 withdrawal from Lortab.
  53. Pen and Paper
  54. day 6, or 7, can't remember but worse
  55. Starting subox for oxy
  56. relapsed, yet again, probably 4th relapse in last 6mths
  57. Quit Tramadol. When can i take it again?
  58. help!
  59. Need help DETOXING off of SUBOXONE
  60. Help
  61. Your Willpower Gets Stronger
  62. Navigation
  63. Stuck in a horrible cycle...
  64. Starting Norco taper
  65. FInally Stopping Norco... Need Support
  66. What can I do to stop- for good? Methadone? Please help me!
  67. Oh brother!
  68. Hang In There
  69. FlawedWifeAndMom
  70. Find The Will,Find The Way
  71. Finally took the first step
  72. the boredom and no energy are killing me. wanting to use so bad
  73. Came clean about my addiction to my Mom, and Wife, need help with a plan, please.
  74. Stumbled, trying to get back up -- Oxy
  75. Getting ready for percocet detox at home /it's fun till it's not fun anymore
  76. Do you think I can stay sober if I don't want to?
  77. Suboxone vs Subutex
  78. 18 days no vicodin
  79. hour of the wolf
  80. Codeine addiction recovery question
  81. Day 4, c/t methadone
  82. 72 hours Percocet since last pill
  83. Tapring off xanax
  84. Scared to begin...
  85. Oxynorm and Oxycontin addiction
  86. Withdrawing from hydrocodone/trying to quit and scared
  87. I want to stop taking methadone but I'm SCARED!
  88. I don't know what to do?? Please advise!
  89. I don't know what to do?? Please advise!
  90. Waiting to start my detox process..... find excuses to put it off, though i feel...
  91. 14 days since last vicodin..but felt crummy
  92. Help/ Lookin 4 Natural Products 2 Help W WDs From Subs - PlsRestore Brain Chemistry
  93. Tramadol ????
  94. slowly going off methadone w/no suboxone switch, need advice
  95. Dependency w/ Norco "ready to kick"
  96. Oxycodone cold turkey..help joint pain
  97. Tramadol withdrawal Day 2
  98. First Timer: Please Help Me W/ Vicodin Dependency
  99. day 10 suboxone withdraw
  100. Once More With Feeling!!
  101. going off from clonazepam after 5 Years (in detox process since 12/9/2014)any suppor
  102. Does Gabapentin help with oxycodone withdraws
  103. Day 4 off oxys was on them for years
  104. Tapering off of Lorazepam
  105. clean 26 days suboxone had surgery and they gave me pain meds will i withdraw tomorro
  106. Quitting Suboxone and need help!!!!!!
  107. Hydrocodone withdrawl and depression
  108. Another Question.
  109. A Personal Question.
  110. Quitting oxys again and need advice and support
  111. Suboxone Taper Help
  112. I've Been Through the Worst.. But I'll Always Give My Best
  113. looking for otc meds to help wd
  114. relapse
  115. Detox starting now
  116. Trying to taper methadone down enough for sub induction ANY AND ALL ADVICE NEEDED!!
  117. Tapering Oxycodone
  118. Quitting and terrified to death
  119. help with sub tapper
  120. GOING COLD TURKEY...need support
  121. Taking opiates w/o getting hooked
  122. Suboxone taper questions
  123. how do you feel without the pills
  124. Needing help & support with starting Suboxone taper. I'm terrified of withdrawal..
  125. from 6mg of methadone to .5 of suboxone detox strategy PLEASE HELP!
  126. New here
  127. New here
  128. Help Quit norco
  129. Life before and after hydrocodone
  130. hey guys. methadone user for 11 years. va cut me off.need help
  131. Stuck, not sure what to do
  132. PLEASE HELP !! Been on Subs for 6 weeks and can't take the side affects
  133. I can't belive this is me!
  134. Are prescription drugs drying up?
  135. Questions about my Suboxone withdrawl
  136. Free free free
  137. pain killers
  138. Trying this again..
  139. Day 5 opiate W/D, Having a rough time. .Advice needed please!!!
  140. jumping off suboxone after taper, should i take time off work?
  141. Gabapentin for opiate detox~ questions on how to use.
  142. Clozapine and amitriptyline my story
  143. sub withdrawal(again)
  144. suboxone withdrawl
  145. Detox in full force, need help
  146. To a Healthy and Clean New Years!
  147. Day 2 and kind of confused!!!
  148. ambien withdrawal been on for 7 years 20mg last 3 years
  149. c/t oxy withdrawal - need support
  150. Coming off benzos and opiates
  151. Is there happiness after opiate addiction?
  152. Robert325 taper plan - also Chronic fatigue due to pain. experience w either issue?
  153. subutex to suboxone
  154. Codine reduction.
  155. help with withdrawal.
  156. Am I an Enigma, or Am I Fooling Myself? - Advice?
  157. Ready to
  158. 5 Year Norco Addiction - Just Begun Detox Taper
  159. Struggling with this balancing act between addiction and marriage/life! Any advice
  160. You can, why cant I?
  161. boyfriend finished detox, blew thousands of dollars...
  162. Unsure What To expect With tapering skip days
  163. 40 mgs methadone to suboxone (waiting to induce )
  164. Methadon/Suboxone jump day 14>>>
  165. that fine line
  166. Day 25 suboxone withdrawal CT - success!
  167. Husband of 22 years is an addict, not sure what to do next
  168. please, some advice on suboxone and precipitated withdrawls..
  169. Pregnant & need help with end of taper!
  170. sick of loratabs
  171. Possible Klonopin Withdrawal
  172. Please help with methadone withdrawal strange (?) symptom
  173. Percocet/Suboxone Questions- I would love help and support
  174. Girlfriend uses Oxycodone
  175. Super confused
  176. made it 30 hours...more time to go
  177. Need A little help with my Xanex Addition
  178. Dr gave me a cocktail of drugs for opiate withdrawal. Experiences please
  179. 10 yr prescription addiction, off over 3 months. No subs or methadone, don't prolong
  180. Deciding to leave husband for opiate addiction.
  181. My story of successfully conquering Lexapro & benzos
  182. 23 year old mom.....nowhere else to turn.
  183. Wd off suboxone and percocet
  184. methadone
  185. couldnt go cold turkey but weaning has been successful!!!
  186. It never ends. Words of encouragement?
  187. 49 hrs since last perc going ct
  188. clinic is fee detoxing me (Rapid detox)
  189. Day 10 Off Opiates.........
  190. methadone drop off 6 mg and how long will the rls and anxiety last?
  191. hydrocodone withdrawal 2 days in
  192. Not sure what day im at
  193. Tried weaning and failed....Need Support!
  194. Boyfriend addicted to percocets- bipolar and temperamental when using
  195. Recent surgery cannot kick the hydrocodone need help and support
  196. tramadol addict getting clean
  197. I thought I'd share my story
  198. Tapering of Methadone down to 10ml please help!
  199. Can someone only be addicted to suboxone and never use other drugs
  200. DAY 1 through DAY 10 going COLD TURKEY
  201. Filling the Gap (White Collar Addicts)
  202. Day 1 - Cold Turkey
  203. After SIX years I have 2 days left
  204. Sun will shine again
  205. Need help to taper with subs
  206. Switching benzos while tapering Vicodin, help please! Life in danger?!
  207. 7 years chasing the high is finally over
  208. Desperately needing help with tapering on suboxone
  209. 17 hours in... and im freaking out
  210. starting my journey and so scared. advise?
  211. Don't know where to start? Advice please!!!
  212. 11 weeks pregnant percocet addiction.
  213. Percocet Withdraw/addiction l I Need Help
  214. Day 6 opiate free and still feel withdrawals!
  215. Percocet for pain/surgery pain gone, now WD symptoms
  216. Withdrawing from tramadol-48 hours in
  217. Insurance...Paying for Medicine
  218. Ex boyfriend addicted to pain meds, how can I help
  219. Does anyone have any experience with zubsolv withdrawal? What am I in for?
  220. How Adderall/Amphetamines Corrupted Me & Ruined Everything
  221. Norcos
  222. hydrocodone to suboxone need advice.
  223. First time
  224. Trouble with tired feeling but can't sleep -day 6
  225. Day 6 Norco free
  226. I need to talk.
  227. Bad oxycodone/contin problem-I need HELP!
  228. Parent seeking advice
  229. 5 years addicted to hydros
  230. 5 years addicted to hydros
  231. Need some support
  232. help!
  233. 24 hours in and terrified
  234. help with opiate withdrawals
  235. fatigue problems from detox
  236. Could Use A Little Help
  237. It's 4 am, why am I awake? I've been clean for 2 weeks but can't sleep at night.
  238. 2 Weeks Clean Today! Need support and advice :)
  239. quiting
  240. Coming off many medications from detox (inc: hydro, clonaz, soma etc) and want advice
  241. 5 days without Hydrocodone- want one so bad!
  242. Back after over 2 years, couldn't do it but hope to now.
  243. 6 Months clean of oxy
  244. Sadly I have relapsed....I'm such a loser
  245. I Jumped Today! Will Update This Thread Daily.
  246. My taper thoughts. Need advice please.
  247. Xanax,please help!!! Breaking down
  248. Dr. Is stepping me down, but side effects are rough, need help
  249. Moved from U.S to Sweden, Suboxone detox help please :-(
  250. Weaned off Tramadol, Codeine is next