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Polibar ACB Dosage

Generic name: BARIUM SULFATE 965mg in 1g
Dosage form: rectal powder, for suspension

The information at is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Use diluted for either single or double contrast radiography of the colon. The volume and concentration of Polibar ACB to be administered will depend on the degree and extent of contrast required in the area(s) under examination and on the equipment and technique employed.

Instructions for Mixing:

  1. Prior to mixing, choose the desired density (% w/v, % w/w) from the chart below, depending on procedure type. Remove and discard white seal.
  2. Add the required amount of lukewarm water to obtain the desired concentration. Close cap and hold bag by the finger holes and shake vigorously until powder is completely suspended (about 20 to 30 seconds). Wait 10 minutes, then re-shake for 30 seconds.

NOTE: When adding more than 800 mL of water, add the water in two equal portions, shaking vigorously each time.

Water to be added (mL) BaSO4 (% w/v) BaSO4 (% w/w) Total Volume (mL) Procedure
200 139.6 67.0 314 Double
300 107.2 58.1 409  
400 86.1 51.3 509  
500 71.9 45.9 609  
700 54.1 38.0 809 Single
1000 39.5 30.1 1110  
1500 27.2 22.4 1611  
2000 20.7 17.8 2111  
2200 19.0 16.5 2311  
Close tubing clamp. Then, with thumb and forefinger, pop red ball from tubing into the bag. NOTE: Do not store suspension after mixing.

NOTE: Do not store suspension after mixing.

Instructions for Use:


  • Due to reported anaphylactoid reactions to latex, it is strongly suggest that vinyl or non-latex gloves be used during the procedure.
  • All plastic/rubber accessories are disposable, single-use devices that must not be reused or left in the body cavity for an extended period of time.
  • Fluoroscopy may be used to visualize rectum with contrast medium to ensure absence of contraindications. (See CONTRAINDICATIONS.)
  • For double contrast studies, use an enema tip for air contrast (not included) and follow the stated instructions for use.
  1. Connect enema tip to tubing of enema bag.
  2. Lubricate enema tip with desired lubricant and carefully insert into the patient’s anus. Care must be taken during insertion of the enema tip not to exert undue pressure to the neuromuscular plexus, which can lead to vasovagal reactions and syncopal episodes. Forceful or deep insertion may also cause tearing or perforation of the rectum.
  3. Release the clamp on enema tubing and administer the desired quantity of the barium suspension.
  4. Discard entire enema kit with tip (these are intended for single use only.)