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MicroCHIPS Announces Clinical Results for First Successful Human Trial Of Implantable, Wireless Microchip Drug Delivery Device

  • Study Validates Microchip Approach to Multi-Year Drug Delivery Without Injections
  • Novel Technology Supports Improved Patient Outcomes and Remote Medicine

WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb 16, 2012 - MicroCHIPS, Inc., a developer of implantable drug delivery devices and biosensors, announces today the results of the first successful human clinical trial with an implantable, wirelessly controlled and programmable microchip-based drug delivery device. The MicroCHIPS study was published in today's online edition of the journal Science Translational Medicine.


MicroCHIPS' implantable drug delivery device (on right) next to an everyday computer memory stick. ( ... MicroCHIPS' implantable drug delivery device (on right) next to an everyday computer memory stick. (Photo: Business Wire)


“These data validate the microchip approach to multi-year drug delivery without the need for frequent injections, which can improve the management of many chronic diseases like osteoporosis where adherence to therapy is a significant problem,” said study lead author
MicroCHIPS, Inc. is enabling remote medicine through its electronic, wirelessly controlled implanted devices. These implants are designed to improve the health of millions of people with critical conditions that require careful monitoring and therapy. The microchip-based implants can sense vital biochemical changes, deliver potent drug therapies and wirelessly communicate status to networked patients and clinicians. The technologies use microreservoir arrays to hermetically store and protect pharmaceuticals or sensors for extended periods of time. The microchip is controlled by microprocessors, wireless communications or sensor feedback loops for precise, dynamic control of drug delivery or sensing. MicroCHIPS has a deep portfolio of intellectual property including more than 85 issued or pending patents with coverage in the US, Europe, the Far East and throughout the world. MicroCHIPS is funded by leading venture capital firms Flybridge Capital Partners, InterWest, Intersouth Partners, Medtronic and Polaris Venture Partners.

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Posted: February 2012

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