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How can you wean yourself off of pain killers? Take less and less every day,?

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2 Feb 2013

Hello Aymelli. Yes, a gradual, slow taper would be in order. You would feel less of the side effects associated with withdrawal. Your doctor could help set up a plan. Regards pledge

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2 Feb 2013

Hi Aymelli,

You should ask your doctor or pharmacist! Depending on the drug sometimes you cut it down a bit once a week for a week and continue until you are done. That will help so you have no withdrawals.


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2 Feb 2013

Hello Aymelli... Yes, going off of pain killers gradually is one of the ways that you can get off of them. but... this is best done with the doctor supervising you! Take it from me, if you try to taper off on your own, it usually does not work and you end up going back on them. Also, while you are doing this you should join a 12 step program like NA or even AA if you can't find NA in your area, and seeing a counselor will help also. Just tapering will not keep you from going back on them, you need a support system to stay off of them and that is what the 12 step programs and a drug counselor will provide.
I hope my advice helps, and I wish you luck!
I've been where you are and it is a long hard road but if you try these things you will have a better chance.

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