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Do you think Requip can help with the body aches and cramps, brought on from methadone withdrawl?

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10 Aug 2012

Requip might help with the restlessness and body twitching, but not likley to help with the body aches and cramping. These symptoms would be better resolved by a muscle relaxant such as Robaxin.


26 Aug 2012

It won't help with the aches and cramping... but It will help a little with the insomnia and the Restless Leg/limb syndrome that you can have with withdrawal! Although it is hard to cope with, I would just try as hard as you can to get through the withdrawal with as little medication as you can... you don't want to end up addicted to another drug like muscle relaxers, or sedatives, and if you do have to take them, only take them for the worst days of your withdrawal.

27 Mar 2013

my mom is Rx'd requip for RLS but shes also prescribed gabapentin and that helped he TREMEDOUSLY with body aches,,, espescially nerve pain.

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