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When You Are Pregnant, Are Energy Drinks Safe To Drink?

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16 Mar 2012

It is best to stay away from them. Most of them are very high in caffeine and can cause your little ones heart rate to rise too. They can also have other herbal and supplemental stuff that may not be good to use during pregnancy.

DzooBaby 16 Mar 2012

I just knew you were pregnant from your earlier questions! Congratulations!

Juicy04 17 Mar 2012


19 Mar 2012

yes u can drink them but its not recomended and all energy drinks now have a warning on them. if u dont drink sodas with caffine or coffee u can drink energy drinks a pregnant woman is only supossed to have 200mg caffine a day caffine is in chocolate also. I drink red bull all day long I have for years I have a 19 month old son and due to deliver a girl on the 24th of march both are healthy. and I drink red bull ALOT listen to your body and baby everyone is different

12 Nov 2013

what happens when pregnant women drink energy drinks

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