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Can you get pregnant while on depo provera?

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2 Jul 2013

Yes, you can. No birth control is a 100%.

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vikki723 2 Jul 2013

Ty. Its just i have been on it for 3yrs because the pain from having my cycke was unbearable but i want to have another baby.

LousArk 2 Jul 2013

Trying to conceive whilst on Depo is not advisable. Although not impossible to conceive whilst taking it, it's highly unlikely that you would, and Depo can cause problems with an unborn baby.
Once you're off Depo, it can take up to 18 months to regain your fertility.

vikki723 3 Jul 2013

Ok then im just going to stop taking ready for my 2nd child. I'll just have to suck it up

LousArk 3 Jul 2013

Have a look into Agnus Castus, aa herbal remedy for hormonal issues. Might just help with those heavy periods.

vikki723 3 Jul 2013

Thank you so much.this is really a big help. Its not even heavy uts very painful.

LousArk 3 Jul 2013

Agnus is great for:
Mood swings
Sore breasts
Fluid retention
Heavy, painful periods
Agnus is really effective in these circumstances; normally you will see improvements within 1-3 cycles.
Check with your local health store regarding use whilst trying for a baby, though. Just to be safe, as I've not knowledge of it in that area.

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