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If you have had a heart attack should you take neurotin?

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10 Jun 2013

Hi Larry,
IF your Cardiologist has prescribed Neurontin, then I would think it's perfectly fine. Just make certain that each of your doctors have all of your information, if one of them is unaware that you had a heart attack then certain prescriptions could be in error.
Best wishes to you,

10 Jun 2013

1.I was given gabapentin/neurotin 2 years back and now taking Pre gablin ,better molecule than gaba pentene.It is safe after heart attack and the dosage needs to be adjusted.
2.If you are taking for Nerve pain, then better to take up physiotherapy , massage and regular exercise.
3.Yoga , meditation , Breathing exercises along with lower dosages of cardiac medicine have helped me to improve ejection factor for heart from 30 % to 55% now at 59.
4. Ensure strict Diet control and reduction in sugar and salt by 50 %.
5.You should also target to reduce dosage of Neurotin by 50 % in 2 years.
6.Regular massage with medicated oils is of great help.
7. I am trying to achieve Synergy between indian system of medicine and Modern medicine , which I believe has helped me and many in India to recover from heart attack . Good Luck-

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