How often can you take diphenhydramine?

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16 Nov 2012

Every 4-6 hours.

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16 Nov 2012

Hello Ecs22. Five to seven hours. Regards pledge

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pledge 16 Nov 2012

My error. Four to seven hours.

16 Nov 2012

I usually take it every 4 to 6 hours, but some ppl take it every 6 to 8 hours if it makes them too sleepy.

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17 Nov 2012

All good answers, but I want to add if you're talking about days in a row I have found it loses its effectiveness. I think it's one of those that tolerance builds up quickly. So I try to use it as a last resort if nothing else eases symptoms. The effectiveness comes back if you leave it alone for a bit tho, like for me a few days without it and it works again.

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