Can yaz help me clear my polycystic ovary..?needed help badly?

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23 Sep 2012

That is one of the reasons its FDA approved for, so I would say yes.

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23 Sep 2012

Dear Lys, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and no oral contraceptive completely gets rid of the cysts, simply helps to regulate your hormones so you have a regular period, but the cysts don't completely go away...
I've also heard some pretty scary things about Yaz so would advise you to take caution... as with any oral contraceptive you have to out way the benefits with the risks. Hope this helps.

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9 Jan 2014

I've been diagnosed with pcos nearly two years ago and was prescribed yaz. It's been a miracle worker for my symptoms. It hasn't cleared my cysts completely but there was not worsening and the symptoms have gone

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