I'm addicted to Xanax... and have posted several times on this forum and thank everyone for the support that I don't have from my husband.

I've made the calls and have been accepted to be admitted into a 7-10 day medical detox facility for next week. It's a 12 step program w/ group therapies...

I don't know anyone personally who has ever been in detox or have the problems I have and am very scared. I don't want to back out of this and just need some of you to tell me what to expect. What can I do to help myself through the process. They won't tell me what to bring or what to expect until the day before I go in. They said call and let us know when you want to come in... (so that I'm able to make arrangements for my 4 kids and 4 mo.old grandaughter) we'll give you instructions then and schedule you for the next day.

I'm a nervous wreck... can't sleep... can't focus... can't eat... thinking about what's going to happen in there?

I would appreciate any of your personal experiences thoughts and advise.

Bless you all!