I understand Xanax is prescribed for antianxiety issues. Is this something that should be continuously used and in the system to keep the mood/effects uninterrupted? Or can you take it a few days and and be off of it for weeks and then take it again w/o severe or changes in mood or effects? And I've read that you can take it w/ or w/o food.

My brother is prescribed 1MG 3x/day and when he's taken the meds, he is so lethargic and sleeping during conversation it's pathetic. He's had a drug problem in the past but swears he's beyond that now. And for months, I've seen him lucid and 'normal' but just today, he's lethargic and uncoordinated and totally non-coherent. My dad states when he's off the drug and then takes it and when he takes it on an empty stomach, that he's affected in this manner and doesn't seemed concerned- but he, too, has had Rx drug addictions and in denial of many things.

Any insight is welcomed as I don't have any familiar experience w/ this situation. Thanks in advance.