I have been on lortab 7.5 for 3 yrs. Then I went to 10's. I was tired of freaking out over possible withdrawals, but didn't want the dr. to know. so I told him I wanted something different. He prescribed fetynal suckers 1600, which was very strong, he didn't realize it. So at the next appt. he reduced it to the 800 suckers. I went thru 4 a day. I have had the iud for a while and decided the issues that came from that was too much so I wanted it out. Anyway, I know the risk of getting pregnant now, so I have quit the hydrocodone and fetynal. However, I have 2 small kids to watch, I can handle the feeling of my skin crawling, nausea, diarrhea, etc during the day, I have no choice. But not sleeping is killing me. So I called a friend and got some xanax for the nights. I hate xanax for "normal days", but it is the only thing helping. My question is, am I prolonging withdrawals, because with my first night of sleep in 3 days, I feel a million times better. I still feel like I have a flu, but my legs aren't thrashing about. Any advice? I only have enough xanax for 2 more days, which I did intentionally so I don't switch my addiction.