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Would uloric 40mg have any allergic reaction my back has a blistery itchy rash?

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31 Jan 2011

You can have an allergic reaction to anything at any time, unfortunately, but it is best to start with anything new you have been using, be it a drug or a new soap, or detergent for your laundry etc. If the rash is blistery, I would advise speaking to your healthcare professional (PCP, MD, DO, PA or NP) and letting them know what kind of reaction you are having. You might need something to halt the progression of the reaction until you can discover what it is causing the reaction.

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caringsonbj 1 Feb 2011

good job!!

norles 5 Feb 2012

It is due to the Uloric. I had the same reaction, biopsed and dis appeared abruptly when I stopped the Uloric. Since I was allergic to Allopurinol and the Uloric decreased my uric acid by 50%, I was quite upset that I was allergic to such a helpful drug.

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