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Withdrawal - I am snorting subutex how can I get off this without going cold turkey ?

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22 Mar 2010

I am prescribed subutex and have been on suboxone for 2 years. My recommendation would be, if you can control it, is to take your subutex sublingually for 3 weeks. starting at whatever dose you are on snorting and add a few mg's. Then wean down sequentially by one half the dose every three days until you get down to around 2-4mg's. At this pt smaller increments of .5mg or .25mg may be used. Mind you a drop from 16mg to 8mg is a similar if not smaller reduction in opiate effect than a reduction of 2mg to 1mg. Beyond 1mg, dissolve 2mg tabs in 10ml or so of water and taper yourself down using drops of this solution until you are down to .1mg per day and then get off completely. Good luck and give me some feedback on how this works for you.

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