Will you test positive on a urine screen when you take Lyrica?

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4 Dec 2011

lyrica is a non narcotic... so i do not beleive they r too worried about that in a urine test... not the doctors ive went to anyways... hope this helps

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5 Dec 2011

No. Lyrica is schedule 5, Xanax is schedule 4, Vicodin is schedule 3 and Ritalin is schedule 2 for example up the ladder of controlled substances. Your urine tests are usually alcohol, cocaine, thc, opiates, benzos, oxycodone, methamphetamines, acetaminophen, aspirin and yes even nicotine at our hospital.. Praise god it's not lyrica! Then they get partucularly nasty if youre an athelete.. growth hormone, erythrpoietin, testosterone, pseudoephedrine.. And a host of other snippy items. LOL! Note that I did not say estrogen!! The secret weapon! Lyrica anyone?

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klmc 17 Dec 2011

I came to this site today specifically today looking for this answer. I take lyrica for seizures. I had a work related neck injury in August and they are finally sending me to a pain doc for injections and pain management. My friend told me that they would do a urine test on my first visit and that they are very "snippy" as you say about what meds you take being prescribed by them. Thank you for your very detailed and informative answer. I assume Tylenol #3 (codeine) is in that scedule 3 category, am I right?

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