will subutex get you as sick as taking suboxone if you do not wait the desired time frame?

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2 Jul 2009

Both suboxone and subutex will put you into precipitated w/d if you begin the induction before going into severe w/d. You need to score at least a 26 on the COWS (clinical opioid w/d scale) worksheet. You will find INDUCTION suggestions and a link to the COWS worksheet on the following link in the INDUCTION section. Hope that helps.


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steven396 13 Feb 2010

robert... with all due respect..i have been doing alot of research on the drug subutex. I found an article posted by a medical professional that is well respected and the article was very helpful. It stated that with the drug suboxone a person must wait various hours bepending of the drug that has been taken.wheather it be morphine,heroin,or methadone before you take the suboxone.the amazing part of the article that i didnt know stated that with the drug subutex because it does not contain the other drug naloxone... a person can take subutex as soon as 5 minutes after taking a lesser opiate such as lortab or vicoden or percacet with no precipitated withdrawls. now i know that most drs prescribe suboxone 98 percent of the times ... so all comments that i have read say that u must wait and this is true you do have to wait several hours before taking suboxone. but i goes on to state that if your doctor gives you subutex first ...


rhonda120280 25 Aug 2011

I just recently sed Subutex and Suboxone to come off of Methadone After 12 years... With the Subutex to help with the first 2 days I was able to get through. I continued on to the suboxone after the 2nd day and am now on day 30 NO METHADONE :) feel great, and DID NOT GET SICK

10 Jul 2010

actually... taking the subutex before severe withdrawal WILL NOT make you sick like suboxone. it works alot better. i was doing OC 80s everyday, atleast 7 a day..for about a year... and 1 morning..i did my last OC around 7am... did the subutex around 1pm..and nothing happened. been taking subutex for the last 4 days and feel fine. going to stop taking it tonight. but it totally does not make you sick like suboxone

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x bupe jama 28 Apr 2011

u kidding i havnt touchd hammer in 4 years just jammn the bupe two days now and im tottally fukkd u name it im fealing it its good just dont jam it and slowly lower ya dose good lucck n god bless

Shannara2010 14 Jul 2011

thank you addicted 104, i was in the same predicament with the 80's, then cut down to 40's and only 5 of those, i am ready to try subutex. And can't wait to be done with this.

4 Apr 2013

I did a bunch of research prior to taking subutex for dependency on morphine and oxycodone. I read differing ideas, and mostly read that unlike suboxone you can take subutex before W/Ds set in. THIS IS WRONG!! I took 8 mg of subutex after about 16 hours since last MS dose. Prior to taking the subutex, I was in mild discomfort from detoxes, but I was not in severe detoxes which I know well from previous detoxes. I took the subutex and within one hour I was in the most sever painful detoxes I have ever experienced. Moral of the story: wait until you are really Really sick to take subutex. I wish I had read this before I just went through that. Ugh.

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